Accounts Receivable App Demo for CFOs and AR Supervisors

The Vizion360 software is full of easy-to-use applications that help businesses manage their data with powerful visualizations and customized data reports. One of our apps that CFOs and Accounts Receivable Supervisors find particularly valuable is the Accounts Receivable App within Impact Analytics.

Don't Just Report AR, Manage it with AR Analytics

Our accounts receivable application is not just a reporting tool, it's a management tool designed to help you, your Accounts Receivable Supervisors, and your Accounts Receivable Credit Managers get your arms around the organization's receivables.

This is the difference with business intelligence, it goes beyond simple reporting by empowering you with readily available data that you can take action on.

What Does the Accounts Receivable App Look Like?

Whenever you log into our accounts receivable application, you automatically land on the overview page. From here, you can navigate to any of the areas where you need to drill into more detail. 

For this demo, we jump into the AR Analysis page. This section is extremely beneficial for the CFO or Accounts Receivable Supervisor. To see the full demo, watch the video at the top of the page.

Click on the images below to get a closer look at our dynamic reports, you can click into these numbers and visualizations to diver deeper into the detail behind these numbers.

AR Overview Reporting
Overview Report
AR Analysis Reporting

AR Analysis

AR Reporting: Aging by Customer

Aging by Customer AR Reporting

Other reports not pictured here include Rolling Averages and Trends, Expected Cash, Invoice Reporting, Account Detail, and Aging Notes. 

A Closer Look

Credit Manager's Scorecard

This scorecard shows a lot of important KPIs for accounts receivable on the specific credit manager. So, you can see their past due amount, past due percentages, even their DSO, for the specific credit manager. You can click into these visualizations to specify a customer or dive deeper into the data behind the numbers.

Accounts Receivable Credit Manager Scorecard

AR Prioritization Manager 

This is helpful for our Credit Managers to prioritize which customers they should contact or follow up on. In the demo, you can see the balance by customers and specific invoice details. In this chart, you can also hover over and see a timeline of the past due balance and the past due percentage. 

From here, you are able to select a customer and drill into their specific scorecard as well. This shows you KPIs for this specific customer. Take a closer look at this report by click the image below or watching the demo at the top of the page.

AR Prioritization Reporting

Call Notes and Customer Detail

In the Accounts Receivable Application, our credit managers can document call notes after they talk to their customers. You can also switch back to charts if you want to see DSO and past due balance by this customer.

Click on the report below to see the data available on every customer notes report - this is an example of what it looks like when you drill down deeper into the data to uncover the details. These detailed analytics help track the conversation between the Credit Managers and their customers.

AR Call Notes

Learn More About the Vizion AR App

If you are interested in learning more about how the Accounts Receivable App within the Vizion360 software can help you and your team better manage your business, contact us today! 

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Accounts Receivable App Demo for CFOs and AR Supervisors

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Our accounts receivable application is not just a reporting tool, it's a management tool designed to help CFOs, Accounts Receivable Supervisors, and Accounts Receivable Credit Managers fully understand the organization's receivables.