Accurate Financial Data Readily Available for the Whole Team

In this video, Nicole and Alesha discuss Vizion360's Finance App. Nicole is a Vizion360 Team Member that has played an integral role on our Finance Business Solutions Team.

Vizion360 creates easy to use data software to help businesses across many industries quickly understand their data. Our products are customized to your business processes and offer a complete data solution for your organization. 

Accurate Financial Data in Real-Time with Business Intelligence

Succesfully managing financial data is vital to stay competitive and grow business. Having a BI platform like Impact Analytics helps you ...

  • close months quickly
  • create instant visibility into up-to-date finance data
  • manage accounts receivables, financial statements, and profitability
  • access information securely using a single source of truth for enterprise data

Business intelligence is more than just reporting. It allows you to take control of your business using dynamic dashboards and best-practice data models.

This goes beyond the data to deliver insights that empower growth, in just 3-5 clicks!

Create a Single Source of Truth for Enterprise Financial Data

Our team of data experts use applications, like the Impact Portal and ERP solutions, to pull all of your organizational data into one source of the truth, that we deliver to you through our apps.

We have designed many features and base-reports for our Finance App that make it easy for your team to adopt and use on a daily basis.

We do customize our best-practice models to your business processes, so any unqiue needs or custom reports can be included. 

Dynamic Reports & Sepcial Features in the Finance App Accurate Financial Data with Impact Analytics

*Click the image to enlarge

As you can see from the image above, the app includes many useful reports and metrics. Such as...

  • Profit and Loss Reports
  • Actual vs. Budget Comparison Report
  • Multi-Year Trend reporting
  • Revenue, COGS and SG&A Overviews
  • Cash Management Reports
  • Cash Flow, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet 
  • Accounts Receivables Reporting available in our new AR App

Some of our clients' favorite features that differentiate this application from other financial reporting include...

  • Integrate multiple accounting systems into one data model for a full view of your data. 
  • Map your accounts once and see all of your data visualizations. 
    • Data Visualizations with Impact Analytics
  • Integrate/Automate Budget & Forecast
  • Refresh multiple times a day. This is especially important for accountants and analysts because they want to see the most up-to-date reports during month-end closing.
  • Multi-calendar options available for the fiscal calendar or January through December. 
  • Enter and maintain manual entries outside of the General Ledger.

Access & Security in Your Financial Data Delivery

Security is the number one priority when it comes to your financial data. With our business intelligence platform and applications, you create separate accounts for each team member and assign certain levels of access for each person.

In addition to being able to control user permissions, our Impact Portal allows secure delivery of all of your information. Our team of IT professionals, data experts, and custom application developers ensure that your data is secure with Vizion360.

Learn More About our Finance App & Business Intelligence

If you are looking to be more proactive with your business's financial data, Vizion360 has the tools you need to make it easy. Contact us today to learn more using the form below!

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