An Example of a Vizion360 Dashboard and How it Helps Executives

An Example of a Vizion360 Dashboard and How it Helps Executives

In our recent blogs, we have been talking a lot about business intelligence. More specifically about the Vizion360 platform and how it takes the Power BI tool by Microsoft and really pairs it with a data model to make a difference in our client's lives. Our tools offer actionable data insights, identify advantages, and the opportunity to expose risk.

Seeing is Believing with the Vizion360 Data Dashboard

In the video, you can see our Vizion Impact Portal, which is basically the data hub where all the consumers of the BI and the information are going to go to collect their analytics, collect all the reporting and view all their custom dashboards. This portal is online and accessible from any web browser.

Executive Dashboard Example

The dashboard example in the video reflects the tools and data that a typical executive would need and want to see at the beginning of the day, such as the business sales, inventory, finance, shipping, receiving parcel, things like that.

Through this page, you can see in real-time where your sales are. You can see day in, day out where your bookings, shipments are, and your sales variance to go. So, it gives you an idea of where your organization is at any time, any day.

Dive Deeper Where You Need To

Say you want to take a deeper look at your inventory in a specific warehouse on the other side of the US. All you have to do is simply click on the warehouse you want to look at, and your reports will show for that location. The best part about this is that you found the data you needed within three to five clicks. 

If your business is not taking advantage of your data, you should be. Contact us at Vizion360 to learn more about our BI software and how it can help benefit your company. 

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