An Important Message from Our CEO on Vizion360’s Future

Joe Vocaire Announces the Exciting News: Acquisition and Integration
with Transportation Impact

Ship Just Got Real. Vizion360 Acquired by Transportation Impact


I am writing today to share some exciting news regarding Vizion360 and our future.  With great excitement, I inform you that Transportation Impact, the largest logistics rate services company in the industry, is acquiring Vizion360.  

A Vizion360/Transportation Impact integration will combine our best-in-class business intelligence applications with the transportation industry's most accomplished logistics and parcel experts, allowing us to create, develop and offer the industry's first end-to-end Supply Chain technology platform.

We say goodbye to a storied past, hello to an exciting present, and prepare to launch our Vizion360 business intelligence platform and technology services into the future.  The organizational synergies between Vizion360 and Transportation Impact are plentiful, specifically in the areas of company culture and both of our 100% commitment to Client Success. The Vizion360 and Transportation Impact management teams are looking forward to what this merger will allow us to accomplish and deliver to all our clients in the coming months and years ahead.

At the end of the day, I take comfort that Transportation Impact ("TI" for short) loves what Vizion360 does and the technology solutions and services we deliver. For that reason, the business and our operations will remain the same, and I am personally excited to join the leadership team of TI. We all share the same commitment to building a positive company culture that supports exceptional customer service and innovation. Our game-changing Business Intelligence products and Industry Solutions will continuously improve, just at a quicker pace.

One of the areas that will be a big focus of that innovation will be expanding our Vizion360 Supply Chain applications (Manufacturing, Inventory, Purchasing, and profitability, etc.). Our collective resources and expertise will allow us to accelerate new technology development and innovations to continue to help companies across all industries meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing environments.

Since the beginning, Vizion has never wavered from our desire to partner with clients and leverage data and the latest technology to better their company and the people's lives within those organizations.

Our genuine dedication to Client Success will not change because of TI but only grow stronger with them. Together our guiding principles and core values will still be the driving force behind our product innovations and the bonds we have with our clients and partners.

We are truly proud of the company we have become, the outstanding culture we have created, and the amazing partnerships and bonds we have developed with our clients. Since 2002, we have worked hard to transform from two employees to a thriving, talented team of 50. We've come a long way, and it's been one heck of a ride.

We will be back in touch in the months ahead to share updates on our integration and more details on our new technology platforms. In the meantime, you can expect the same exceptional service from the Vizion360 team members you receive today.  If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me or any member of the Vizion360 team.


Joe Vocaire
EVP, Transportation Impact

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