New Case Study in Distribution: Anonymous Firm

Anonymous Firm Case Study


An industry leading distribution company sought Vizion Solutions for their Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse skills, and Dashboards. Their National Sales Manager states, “Vizion allowed us to immediately obtain accurate data, increase our profitability and get a better understanding of our customers and what they purchase…” In this case study, we briefly outline the company’s operations and the problem they had faced. We then explain our customized solution and the results of the implementation.

This firm was a small business that transferred ownership to a private equity firm and was experiencing large growth. Their current systems could not keep up with their increased data and the company needed better reporting capabilities to remain successful.

Vizion’s answer to their problems was to create a tool that analyzed costs, pricing, and overall profitability. We turned out a highly scalable data warehouse and implemented our very own Vizion360 solution. One important positive result was the ability for many departments to refocus their attention while our expert skills solved this problem for them. The tools allowed them to see new sales and profits, gave them a better understanding of customer behavior, created highly customized scorecards and dashboards, and more.

Read all about Vizion’s custom solutions for this distribution firm here! Don’t forget to Contact Us if you have any questions or potential problems that Vizion can solve!

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