Applications Team Lead Talks Company Growth and Customization

In this video, Jacqui is joined by Evan, a long time team member, or Vizion Veteran, who has been with us since 2005! In this interview, Evan shares his experiences working with Vizion360 and discusses the company's growth over the years.

It's been very exciting seeing Vizion grow!

When Evan joined Vizion360, we were known as Vizion Solutions. He's been here through 3 office buildings, numerous service and product expansions, a company re-brand, too many client projects to count, and a lot of team growth. 

"It's been very exciting seeing Vizion grow!  Looking back over the years to the time where we used to crowd around a single table, [now] to the point where we've grown and have a beautiful office and lots of office space. 

We've quadrupled in size since the time that I started, so it's been really cool to see." 

-Evan, Applications  Team Lead at Vizion360

Old Offices, Crowded Table, Throwback Picture   New/Current Vizion360 Offices in Independence

*Click the images above to see our first ever workspace and our current offices.

Application Development and Support

A big part of our 360 services is application development. We work with our clients to build any application that they might need to support their business. This covers everything from custom apps for client-specific needs, to adding functionality to an ERP system or supporting a client's business intelligence solution. 

For example, businesses sometimes realize that their ERP system isn't capturing their data the way that they need it to. In order to get value out of their data, Evan and his team can build custom solutions for those businesses. 

As our Applications Team Lead, Evan enjoys helping his clients by providing the exact solutions they need to get their software working for them!

Our Clients are Our Partners!

We truly become a part of our client's teams as we provide them with apps, consulting, and BI solutions.

Evan notes that he still has many clients who he has worked with since he started! That is 15 years of building a relationship, providing solutions, and working together!

Check out the fun cake they sent him to celebrate his work- They call him "Evan Solutions!"

Vizion360 BI solutions

What is Your Favorite Part About Working with Vizion?

"Seeing so many different businesses, environments, business models, and meeting so many people in IT departments across the industries."

Evan says that the variety of industries that he gets to work with is one of his favorite parts of working with Vizion now. He enjoys being able to work on a large variety of applications and be exposed to new environments.

While Evan loves working with our team, it's an exciting experience to be a part of the client's teams as well. The team gets to learn how different operations run, from a sales organization to manufacturing plants.

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