April 2019 Highlights from Power BI's Features Update

Do you have features that you wish Power BI would implement? Do you get frustrated finding the same bugs or issues in your Dashboards? As we are every month, Vizion is super excited about the monthly Microsoft Power BI features update.

As a preferred Power BI Partner, we like to share what’s most exciting for us and our clients to empower them. This month, the folks at Power BI certainly knew how to please the Power BI community as they continue to hit the mark on highly requested Power BI features and upgrades.  

Microsoft releases this update to their Power BI site monthly and you can check out the full update on their blog here

Get Ready for a New Power BI Workspace Experience

With the new workspace experience, Power BI workspace admins can now use security groups to manage access to workspaces, enable Business Intelligence or data analytics teams to create workspaces without needing to create an Office 365 Group, and to provide granular workspace roles to make giving access to workspaces easier. The new workspace experiences introduce several capabilities designed to make securing and managing workspace easier. 

New Workspaces Experiences Will Be the Default

This new workspace functionality will no longer create an Office 365 group. This means you will not see it in Teams, Outlook, etc.. Now, you can use security groups, distribution lists, and even multiple Office 365 Groups to give users access to your workspace content. This will allow you to manage access to workspaces using existing processes or automation. 

A New Workspace Contact List

This new enhancement to Power BI allows you to specify which users receive notification about issues. An example of this might be the notification of a failed refresh.

A New Workspace OneDrive

The OneDrive feature allows you to configure an Office 365 Group whose OneDrive file storage will be available to workspace users. The group needs to be created outside of Power BI. You can configure it by typing the Office 365 Group name, which will automatically pickup the OneDrive for the group.

Usage Metrics for Content in the Workspace

The new metrics feature allows admins to monitor the usage of the dashboards and reports within a given workspace.

These are only a few of the monthly feature updates and Microsoft releases more each month. To learn more about Power BI or how Vizion360 can make business intelligence a successful reality for your organization, contact our Power BI Center of Excellence!


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