Automated Financial Reporting and Analytics for the CFO and CEO

In the age of automation, CEOs, CFOs, and their staff shouldn't spend their time sifting through spreadsheets to match up numbers and close their month.

They need the data at their fingertips, and that is exactly what Vizion360 can do. Our powerful and easy to use BI platform delivers data visualizations that give you the monthly, quarterly, and YTD financial numbers you need. 

If you want to automate your financial reporting, keep reading to learn more or watch the video above. 

Automate Finacial Report Delivery with Impact Analytics

We understand that as an executive, you need your financial data readily available. Collecting, consolidating, and reporting on finances can take weeks if not months for many organizations.

Automating this allows you to focus on making proactive decisions for your business, instead of spending too much time closing the month, quarter, or year.

Our BI Platform, Impact Analytics, has a suite of apps that includes a C-suite favorite, the Finance App. 

Vizion360 Power BI Finance App for the CEO and CFO

*Click the Image Above to Get a Closer View at the Base Reports in Our Finance App

Business Intelligence Empowers Leaders to Be Proactive

Our Business Intelligence (or BI) solutions integrate multiple data sources, create a single source of truth, and they don't just deliver data, they deliver valuable insights.

While Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Profit reports are all included, we take it to the next level to help the CFO and CEO gain insight into the financial workings of their organization in real time. This is what empowers proactive decision making.

Examples of Finance App Metrics and Reports


Comparative Profit And Loss Report

The Comparative Profit and Loss Report is a great example (see below and click the image to enlarge). It shows key indicators over time, such as EBITDA, Gross Margin, and Profit Margin. This will help see trends over time from a year to date perspective.

Comparative Profit and Loss Reports with Vizion360


Profit and Loss Detail Report

Another financial report from the Vizion platform is the Profit and Loss Detail. This report actually is more for the analyst position, so the CEOs can look at it from a high level, and then the analysts can draw down into the specific details. 

In this report, the analyst can see the financial statement lines and drill into the account level information to see the transactions, source, journal, transaction number, and all of the detailed levels that will help trace back the issues or any problems into the source system.

Others Include Cash Management Report and Multi-Year Trend Analysis

Cash Management Report and Analysis on Vizion360 Impact Analytics Finance App Multi-Year-Trend Analysis on Vizion360 Impact Analytics Finance App

*Click the Above Images to Enlarge


Learn More About Automated Financial Reports with Vizion 

If you are a busy CEO or CFO, and you are looking for a reliable and manageable way to evaluate your financial data, Vizion360 is here to help! Contact us today to learn more and continue to explore our software solutions on our website.

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