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Impact Analytics is the Business Intelligence Tool You Need in 2020

By Vizion360
January 16, 2020 Category: Vizion360, Microsoft Power BI, Business Intelligence, For The CEO, Impact Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI)can transform your data into opportunities to grow the top line, improveprofitability and increase productivity.Vizion360's Impact Analytics provides insights, and enhanced functionality and ROI for a fraction of the cost.

The Road to Vizion360 from Vizion Solutions

By Vizion360
May 01, 2019 Category: Vizion360, Vizion News

A Message to Our Partners: Clients, Employees, Vendors, and Colleagues Vizion Solutions has been in business for 17 years. We are truly proud of the company that weve become and the amazing culture that weve created. Since 2002, we have worked hard to transform from 2 employees in a garage to a thriving, talented team of over forty that was just named the 2019 Tech Company of the Year by OHTec. Weve come a long way and its been one heck of ride. As an implementor of EOS, Vizion Solutions leadership began to reflect on who we really are as an organization, addressing tough questions about where we were and where we wanted to go as an organization. What did we want to be? How can we achieve our 3-year and 10-year goals? This culminated in many offsite retreats and strategy sessions where our leadership team committed to defining who we are, why we do what we do and what were the uncompromising core values by which we operate. To no surprise this process of self-discovery and exploration

Monitor Your Business to Achieve Sales Goals

By Vizion Solutions
August 21, 2018 Category: Vizion360, Microsoft Power BI, For The CEO, Sales Solutions

Sales Dashboard Helps the CEO Reach Their Targets At Vizion Solutions, we take pride in our ability to handle your data and help make it work for your company. We care about creating solutions that bring value to your specific role and integrate seamlessly with your team, data, and operations. This video dives into a CEO Scorecard thats part of the Vizion360 Impact Portal, made to help you harness the power of your data. Why a Scorecard Just for the CEO? Vizion creates many dashboards customized for various key players and departments Sales, Operations, Finance, and Leadership (Like the CFO, CTO, or CEO) to name a few. We understand that Key PerformanceIndicators (KPIs) are different for every team leader and department. The insights a CEO needs to make quick effective decisions day-to-day differs from what a CFO or Operations Manager might require. The scorecard we are discussing here is a Sales Scorecard for a CEO; Its one of many reports made just for a CEO reviewing

Need a Win? Why Data Analytics is a Must-Have Win for Your Business

By Eric Litras
August 23, 2017 Category: Power BI, Vizion360, Reporting And Analytics

Operating a business may sometimes seem like a game of chance. Sometimes the sales are flowing, other times business is stagnant. You notice certain times of the day or days of the week customers are more active with your product or service - but youre not sure why. You may wonder why some products or services arent taking off the way you expected. Are you missing something that could be a huge opportunity? All of these uncertainties make businesses lose out and ROI unpredictable and inconsistent. However, business need not be a gamble. When you understand the whys and whats to your particular sales, customers and daily operations, then you can be proactive in moving forward. That is why data analytics and reporting is so important for businesses. When you use a BI tool such as Microsoft Power BI, you harness the power of your data, put it to good use and take action with it. Just what is data analytics? Data analytics simply refers to the process of extracting business data and then

Vizion Solutions Recognized for Game Changing IT Applications

By Eric Litras
August 25, 2016 Category: Vizion360, Awards, IT, Vizion News

Vizion Solutions Recognized for Game Changing IT Applications Vizion Solutions is proud to have been featured again in two major industry publications. The August 2016 editions of Electronics Production World and SMTtoday, focuses on Vizions partnership with Libra Industries, a provider of integrated Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) headquartered in Mentor, Ohio. Labeled as Game Changing IT investments, the articles focus on two of the many IT initiatives, services and applications that Vizion has implemented at Libra: Shop Floor Control and Vizion360 Impact Analytics. We are very proud of the relationship and strong partnership weve built over the years at Libra and continue to use the same core values and partnership mentality with all of our current and potential clients. Our goal is simple - deliver fast, accurate and consistent information that is actionable and has a positive impact on our clients and their success. - We Make Data Work To Read The Entire Article

Don't Be FOOLED That BI Stops At Dashboards

By Eric Litras
April 01, 2016 Category: Vizion360, Business Intelligence (BI)

At Vizion Solutions, our Vizion360 Impact Analytics leverages Microsoft Power BI to provide our clients with stunning visualizations via dashboards and interactive reports across all devices, including MOBILE!!!! However, dont be fooled that BI stops there. Our BI platforms and solutions go much deeper than customized dashboards that help you instantly monitor the pulse of your business. We help our clients peel back the onion by starting with high level KPIs, then exploring the different attributes and factors that drive those KPIs and then provide a way to drill all the way down to a granular level of detail in just a few clicks. Vizion Solutions focuses on data transformation and data architecture and then customizes a data model around your unique business rules and requirements. We then use Microsoft Power BI to bring your data to life and truly implement a BI solution that makes an impact and delivers actionable data to your entire organization. To learn more or

New Case Study in Manufacturing: Libra Industries, Inc.

By Jacqui Vocaire
December 23, 2015 Category: Case Studies, Vizion360

Libra Industries Case Study Bob Hanzie, CFO of Libra Industries, said, Vizion brought together great project management and technical skills to deliver a quality application that has allowed us to improve our operations. Vizion Solutions made Libras life a little easier with the services we provided. In this case study, we briefly outline the companys operations and the problem they had faced. We then explain our customized solution and the results of the implementation. For a large firm that worked on a contractual base, the company was unable to efficiently identify and respond to customer demand and patterns. Libra Industries has excellent customer approval ratings, and to keep up with competition and keep those ratings high, a new system was needed. Vizion filled Libras needs with a custom shop floor management application. Vizion uses personal communication and customization to create the perfect solution that fits their clients mold and fixes their most important problems.

New Case Study in Distribution: Anonymous Firm

By Jacqui Vocaire
December 23, 2015 Category: Case Studies, Vizion360

Anonymous Firm Case Study An industry leading distribution company sought Vizion Solutions for their Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse skills, and Dashboards. Their National Sales Manager states, Vizion allowed us to immediately obtain accurate data, increase our profitability and get a better understanding of our customers and what they purchase In this case study, we briefly outline the companys operations and the problem they had faced. We then explain our customized solution and the results of the implementation. This firm was a small business that transferred ownership to a private equity firm and was experiencing large growth. Their current systems could not keep up with their increased data and the company needed better reporting capabilities to remain successful. Vizions answer to their problems was to create a tool that analyzed costs, pricing, and overall profitability. We turned out a highly scalable data warehouse and implemented our very own Vizion360 solution.

New Case Study in Medicine: Hospice of the Western Reserve

By Jacqui Vocaire
December 23, 2015 Category: Case Studies, Vizion360

Hospice of the Western Reserve Case Study Hospice of the Western Reserve (HWR) provides spectacular end-of-life care and support. Their very own Todd Benenati says, Our partnership with Vizion Solutions has allowed us to operate all departments of our organization much more efficiently and has given us access to our information in ways we didnt think was possible. In this case study, we briefly outline the companys operations and the problem they had faced. We then explain our customized solution and the results of the implementation. HWR was not utilizing their data in their Quality, Marketing, Financial and Clinical Operation departments. Vizion helped them unlock this data and use it efficiently. Here at Vizion, we are experts at what we do and provide continued support once creating a solution for you. We implemented a data warehousing solution along with our own Vizion360 solution. The solution gave them a lot of good results including: mobile access to reports and dashboards,