Case Study - Inventory Application

Company Background

Client is a leading provider of customized manufacturing solutions serving organizations in a variety of industries with technically sophisticated manufacturing and quality requirements. Their products can be utilized in many industries including industrial automation, medical, military and aerospace, instrumentation, computer communications and radio frequency-enabled products.

Industry leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality performance automobile and boating parts and accessories. 

Business Issue


As a contract manufacturer, our client is constantly faced with the challenge of balancing efficient inventory levels while maintaining high levels of flexibility to remain agile to respond to dynamic patterns of customer demand. Their general inventory levels, and especially, their excess and obsolete stock levels were rising and the they needed to get better visibility into why. 

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This project’s success lay in the ability to extract and automate data from their existing database into a highly scalable data warehouse and deploy an industry-leading analysis and reporting tool to provide access to relevant inventory data. The implementation of our Vizion360® Inventory Application allowed this organization to access and use their data through scorecards, dashboards and customizable reports.

The Vizion360® Inventory App, featuring Microsoft Power BI delivered actionable insights to better manage the operation, enhance inventory control and improve the profitability of the organization.

  • Successfully reduced inventory by over $1 million by identifying excess and obsolete inventory opportunities.
  • Helped identify selling opportunities and/or customer commitments of finished goods inventory that had not been met or unrealized.
  • Provided our client with powerful analytics to make more fully informed business decisions and the ability to perform better inventory analyses.
  • Allowed management to effectively monitor the organizations inventory through scorecards, dashboards and interactive reports by categories such as raw materials, finished goods and customer specific finished goods inventory levels.
  • Better monitor and maintain sufficient finished goods inventory for a smoother sales operation and efficient customer service.


As your partner, we can help!

We turn your company-wide data into actionable insights that can take your organization from good to industry leading!

Vizion's Solutions will...

  • Grow the Top Line
  • Improve Profitability
  • Increase Productivity
  • Manage Risk

See our Inventory Analytics Solution Sheet for more detailed information or Contact Us!

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