Case Study - Data Warehousing with Contract Manufacturer and Supplier

"Vizion saved us over 80 hours of manual reporting and the solution immediately exposed us to data that allowed us to make quick decisions that positively affected our bottom line."



Company Background

Industry - Food Services

Technology - Data Warehouse


Our client is a leading contract manufacturer and private label supplier for the food industry in North America, whose primary focus is “snacks”. The organization has eleven GFSI compliant state-of-the-art, geographically diverse production facilities operating in 10 cities throughout the United Sates and Canada. 


Business Issue

This organization was having trouble with data collection to accurately monitor and calculate commission reporting and payments. The commission structure in place was not universal and composed of multiple deals and multiple structures. The only method for analysis and ultimate payment was the use of multiple spreadsheets being mashed together to produce the data.


In total, the work to generate these reports took over 80 hours every week. Furthermore, the accuracy of the data was always an issue and the business had no definitive process in place to verify the results.


Vizion's Solution for Client Success

Our solution to help the client solve this lingering and costly issue was the creation of a Data Warehouse to consolidate their information into a single set of tables, allowing for a structure and analytic solution that made sense for their reporting and analytic needs. Our methods provided a platform to organize the company’s data and transform it into accurate performance statistics.

In addition, we utilized our custom Data Mart Manager (DMM) application  to create custom brokerage calculations that can be deployed easily, quickly and accurately for weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting purposes.


  • Eliminated the over 80 hours of work each week freeing up employees to focus on other areas of the business—not report writing.
  • Identified reports that should have been calculated on Net Sales were erroneously using Gross Sales. Correcting this issue created significant improvement to the bottom line.
  • Exposed data that had been lost in their ERP system that could now be analyzed.
  • “No More Questions” - reports are all validated and data supported.
  • Identified deductions and refunds that were not being accounted for.
  • Simplified the Journal Entry Process and led to other accounting best practices.
  • Solution was so effective that it provided a platform to leverage the data warehouse solution for other areas of the business, including, sales and manufacturing analytics.


As your partner, we can help!

We turn your company-wide data into actionable insights that can take your organization from good to industry leading!

Vizion's Solutions will...

  • Grow the Top Line
  • Improve Profitability
  • Increase Productivity
  • Manage Risk


Vizion Solutions is not just a vendor, we are your full-service BI solutions partner, assisting through all stages of the BI process from exploration to development, deployment, training, ongoing support and ultimately your continued success.

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