Access To Deeper Business Insights

We are data management experts that partner with our clients to help effectively extract, manage and gain fast, easy access to their data – regardless of what ERP they are running.

Vizion360 Impact Analytics featuring Microsoft Power BI will bring your data to life!

QAD + JDE + SAP + Sage + NetSuite + QuickBooks + Macola + AS400 + Oracle + Dynamics + Epicor + MS Dynamics NAV

(We also connect to smaller customized software packages. If it has data, we can access it)

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The Data Is There, Lets Get It

Most companies have an abundance of accurate and timely data managed by their ERP system. What’s key for overall business performance is the ability to use that data. Business Intelligence gives you that ability.  Once BI is implemented, companies instantly become better armed to make data-driven decisions about...

  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Production
  • Scheduling
  • Supply chain management
  • And so much more!

Unprecidented Access To Your Data

Let your ERP manage day-to-day proceses. Let BI drive your organization with the data from your ERP. Impact Analytics is a comprehensive solution that produces a secure automated data environment. It provides complete control over all your data. This allows you to drive more valuable insights on a daily basis and empower employees to meet and exceed thier goals.

Collaborate with Accessible Insights

Now that we have the data outside of your ERP, you can begin real-time data analysis, ensuring your team members are never left behind. Easily and securely share your data and insights across departments. Flexible controls let you send the exact data you want, to the exact people you want, in the exact way you want. Make it easier than ever for everyone in your organization to start working together.


MTD (Month to Date) Scorecard for Shift Reporting for Manufacturers to Analyze Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Find Answers & Take Action in 3 - 5 Clicks

You no longer need to wait for data from your ERP or have the IT department run a report. Your information is readily available for you to explore anywhere, anytime. Customized dashboards and reports will tell a story with your data. We start with Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) with the ability to drill-down to more granular levels of detail. In 3-5 clicks.

Data Extraction Made Easy
Stop struggling with your ERP reporting. Our applications and industry solutions are easily connected to any ERP package. This Business Intelligence gives you complete access to your data.


Harness the Power of Your ERP Data


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