Freight Analytics Solution Sheet

Increase Your Profitability by Using Vizion360® Freight Analytics

Designed to quickly impact your business by delivering your parcel freight data in a way you’ve never seen before. Actionable dashboards and interactive reporting will immediately allow your organization to spot trends, identify opportunities and start saving thousands of dollars annually on your parcel freight expenses! 

freight spend app

Companies that can identify opportunities to reduce their parcel shipping costs can instantly increase their profitability. The Vizion360® Freight Spend App is designed to quickly expose these opportunities, allowing you to gain better insight into your parcel shipping invoices and costs. These insights can lead to huge savings on both inbound and outbound freight. 

Business Value

By exposing information that carriers are not highlighting on their invoices, we simplify the complexity of parcel logistics allowing for “timely” week-to-week identification of profit opportunities on all your freight expenses.

  • A single location for all your parcel expenses to be monitored.
  • Supports multiple carriers – UPS & Fed Ex connectors included.
  • Increase Profitability - Exposure to accessorial and extra charges that you may be missing on your bills or unaware exist.
  • Identify refund opportunities that exist in your Parcel carrier invoices (Guaranteed Service Refunds).
  • Instantly gain actionable insights and start to make data supported decisions for your shipping operations.
  • Easily analyze in seconds your freight spend across multi-attributes by zone, service, invoice, customer, state and more... 
  • Period over Period performance tracking of Inbound and Outbound Freight Shipments.

Start to identify cost savings the carriers are NOT highlighting on your invoices!

To learn more about our Freight Analytics App, Contact Us!

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