Highlights from the Microsoft Power BI Features Update – March 2019

Do you have features that you wish Power BI would implement? Do you get frustrated finding the same bugs or issues in your Dashboards? As we are every month, Vizion is super excited about the monthly Microsoft Power BI features update.

An Exciting Month for Power BI

As a preferred Power BI Partner, we like to share what’s most exciting for us and our clients to empower them. This month, the folks at Power BI certainly knew how to please the Power BI community as they continue to hit the mark on highly requested Power BI features and upgrades.  

Microsoft releases this update to their Power BI site monthly and you can check out the full update on their blog here

Single Select Slicer Enhancement

This basically introduces the new radio button and allows for only one selection at a time. Additionally, when choosing to view as a dropdown option, the dropdown rolls back up automatically, so you don’t have to close the dropdown each time. This is a much quicker user interface that allows you to navigate better and faster.

Cross-Highlight to Filter Charts & Graphs

A small but very cool Power BI enhancement now lets you cross-highlight and click on axis labels to filter your charts and graphs. This is particularly helpful for those Power BI charts and graphs that have a category with a small area. 

Say Goodbye to Frozen Filter Panes

Power BI has fixed the filter pane issue of becoming “stuck”. End users will now be able to simply clear the filter pane instead of deleting the filter card. A nice improvement and simplification of the power be reporting interface.

Custom Visual Administrator Feature

There is now a Power BI custom visual administer function. This allows admin users of the workspace control over which Power BI custom visuals can be used in their organizations Power BI workspaces and reports. 

These are only a few of the monthly feature updates and Microsoft releases more each month. To learn more about Power BI or how Vizion360 can make business intelligence a successful reality for your organization, contact our Power BI Center of Excellence!

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