How Sales Managers Can Take Advantage of Data with Power BI Dashboards

How Sales Managers Can Take Advantage of Data with Power BI Dashboards | Vizion360 | Data Analytics

Vizion360 specializes in helping companies, big or small, connect with their data to help improve their processes and grow their business. One way we accomplish this is by building custom dashboards through Microsoft Power BI and our Vizion360 platforms. 

In our last video, we talked about how Vizion's platform can help Sales VPs, but sales is a huge department. We can create an even more individualized and customized dashboard for the sales representatives and managers as well. 

Everything you see in all these dashboards and reports are completely customizable to the department, to the individual, down to the colors in the graphs. In the example today, we are going to dive into the scorecards that a sales representative at any company can use. 

Helpful Insights on Your Dashboard

We have KPI from a sales perspective. We have our gross sales by sales rep. But, what you really can start doing is interacting with the different product lines, and now you're seeing the interaction with the charts and graphs. You can see which sales reps are selling more of product group one, for example. 

You can even alter the date selection so you can get your insights from the past week, past year, current quarter, you name it. This way you can compare and contrast your data and learn from it. This is a great tool because instead of having to create ten or fifteen different reports, you can access them all with just a few clicks. 

The Benefit of Vizion360 Platforms

With Vizion360, you save so many valuable resources, and in return, you have unlimited access to your data, which helps you identify opportunities and threats, and you can then act on those to help your department. 

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If you are a sales representative or manager and you want to be able to drill into your data so you can make a difference in your sales, contact us at Vizion360 today. 

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