How Vizion360 is Responding to COVID-19

At Vizion360, we are very fortunate to be able to work remotely and still deliver our products are services to our customers. Though we love to be in the office and working closely with each other and collaborating, we found that we can still make that happen while social distancing. 

Vizion360 Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

While Working from Home, Communication is Key

We shut down our office about a week before the state of Ohio shut down offices, and we started to set up our virtual team very early. The most important part of having the whole team remote is communication. 

Teamwork and Communication is Key to Handling COVID-19 at Vizion360

We have incorporated daily standups and weekly team meetings to ensure we are staying on top of our tasks. We broke our team up into several smaller teams of four to six employees, and each team has a captain. Because of this, we have actually seen our productivity improve!

We are also thankful for some of the technology that allows us to work so well from our homes, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These help us keep in touch and communicate effectively and efficiently. 

All Work and No Play is No Fun!

Vizion360 Team Happy Hour

Vizion360 Team - Virtual Happy Hour using Zoom

We also like to make sure we can all still bond as a team and socialize without actually being in the same room as each other. That is why we have virtual happy hours every other Friday to keep morale up and spirits high!

Learn More About Vizion360

If you are interested in learning more about how we are keeping our team and our clients save during COVID-19, contact us today. You can also reach out to learn more about how Vizion360 can help you manage your business's data through custom dashboards!

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