Is Your Data Working for You?

Does your data allow you to make proactive decisions or are you being forced to be reactive?
As business leaders, this can be frustrating...where’s the information that you can take action on?
Let’s break down the walls that separate your data and people from your goals.

Sales + Supply Chain + Profit Engine + Parcel BI + Finance

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Make an Impact

Grow the Top Line + Reduce Costs + Reduce Risk + Improve Margin

Tell a story with your data and inspire actions in 3-5 clicks that will empower growth for your company.
Vizion360 Impact Analytics featuring Microsoft Power BI delivers actionable insights into your business.

Optimize Sales Performance | Our Sales suite includes dashboards for sales, order, and service functions.


Optimize Sales Performance

Transform your sales data in a way you’ve never seen before with Power BI dashboards and stunning visualizations. Instantly gain insights, spot trends, identify opportunities and view all factors affecting sales, revenue, margins and overall performance.


Game Changing Supply Chain Reporting

Business Intelligence for any manufacturer or distribution organization. Featuring Apps and industry solutions that focus on process improvements in the areas of Theory of Constraints (TOC), Flex, Productivity, Efficiency, Labor & Machine performance, Inventory control and much more.


True Customer & Product Profitability Reporting

Unprecedented insight and understanding into your fixed, variable and semi-variable cost factors. Our Profit Engine App looks beyond traditional financial reporting and is designed to quickly allow you to determine the true profitability of products, brands, customers, customer and sales persons.

Automated and Endlessly Scalable
Create a single source of the truth with accurate data and a connected platform. Your KPIs become visible through hassle-free reports that are specific to function, role, customer, order, and product.

Fast & Accurate Financial Reporting

Speed. Automation. Close faster, report earlier.

Our Finance App is designed to automate common financial reporting into a BI platform and provide deeper insights to company performance. Get accurate financial numbers and reports for timely, sustainable management, compliance reporting and detailed financial analytics. 




More Industry-Specific Solutions

We offer complete business intelligence solutions for specific industries, such as

These solutions are also specific to function and job role. A variety of dashboards give leaders the insights they need to make data-driven decisions for their organization. What information would empower you to take your organization to new heights?



Take Control of Parcel and Freight Costs

Learn more about our Parcel BI product here.

Reduce Your Overall Spend
Reduce Your Overall Spend

Expose hidden fees from real invoice & carrier data through automated reports in our Parcel Spend app.

Harness the Power with Parcel BI
Harness the Power with Parcel BI

Create awareness of the most impactful costs & empower negotiations with your carriers through our Parcel BI apps.

Business Intelligence is a Journey
Impact Analytics will help you embark on this journey towards profitability, productivity, and growth.

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