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Impact Analytics Featuring Power BI 

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Impact Analytics includes a suite of apps and industry specific solutions for your business. In 2020, you simply cannot afford to leave your data behind. 

Vizion360 has been in the field of data, BI and application development for over 15 years. We know that without the ability to take action on your data, there is no return. That's why our solutions are industry specific, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, party rental or service business.

If your business has data (and they all do), business intelligence and Vizion360 can empower you to get ahead of the competition. So, what can Impact Analytics do for you?

Business Intelligence is Best for Business

There's no getting around it, business intelligence (BI) is changing the landscape of strategy for data-driven companies. Adopting a true data culture at your company will allow you to better understand your organization and expose impactful opportunities.

Vizion360 is a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner and Tier 1 CSP provider of Microsoft Power BIBI can be the key to transforming your data into opportunities to grow the top line, improve profitability and increase productivity. 

Power BI, a Microsoft platform, is well known for it's ability to transform the way companies all over the world use their data. But the platform is only a piece of it, and Vizion360's Impact Analytics goes beyond the product to provide a true solution.

True Business Intelligence is a Solution with ROI

We strive to create long term, valued partnerships with our clients to make a difference in the way they operate their day to day businesses. Impact Analytics featuring Power BI fills in the gaps to create a complete analytics platform that provides results.

True Business Intelligence is a Solution with ROI | Vizion360 Impact AnalyticsA business intelligence tool should inspire action throughout your organization and result in...

  • A competitive edge in your industry
  • Insights into your organization and industry trends 
  • Control over how your data is consumed and used across the organization from executive leadership down to individual users
  • A secure and collaborative data environment that drives impactful action

How To Make Business Intelligence Work

It's all in the data! Our team is knowledgeable in the art of creating useful data models.  Vizion360 will help you...

  • Collect and clean up your data
  • Structure it in a way that provides value to your executive leadership and team members
  • Work with multiple data sources to create one source of the truth for the entire organization
  • Build dashboards filled with visual reports that make it easy to find the answers that lie within your data (without combing through many spreadsheets or logging into different platforms)

Implementation and Adoption is Key for Successful Data Analytics

Implementation and Adoption is Key for Successful Data Analytics

Every project with our team begins by defining the business value that we can bring to your organization. We then use our Proven Process to fill in all the gaps and deliver a product that empowers growth. 

Business intelligence solutions are notorious for lengthy implementation, but our Proven Process will speed things up without cutting any corners. Our solutions are specific to industries, roles and functions and this feature allows us to implement more effectively. 

We know it doesn't end with implementation, so we stick around to stay there for you as you adopt the solution throughout your organization.

Reasons to Adopt Vizion360's Power BI Solution

1.  Make Data Analysis Accurate, Fast, Accessible, and Hassle-Free 

 Make Data Analysis Accurate, Fast, Accessible, and Hassle-Free with Vizion360 Impact Analytics 

A single, well-designed backend data platform is the key to accurate reporting and data analysis. This vital aspect is what makes our reports accurate, fast, accessible, and hassle-free.  You can easily build dynamic charts, graphs, and reports in a matter of minutes with this platform.

Our industry-specific BI solutions get you the answers you need in just 3-5 clicks. The best part is the Power BI mobile app that enables you to access all of your data, wherever you go. 

2.  Increase Collaboration Across the Board

Increase Collaboration Across the Board with Vizion360 Impact Analytics BI Tool

Impact Analytics allows you to effectively work together with your team and various departments. One common data platform ensures all of your data is under one roof and everyone is on the same page.

You can easily share your insights across departments securely and quickly. All of the analysis is in real-time, so no one is ever left behind. 

3.  Manage All of Your Data with Ease

Business Intelligence Allows You to Manage All of Your Data with Ease | Vizion360 Impact Analytics

Create a plan that is in line with your organization using Power BI's extensive auditing controls. Control access permissions per user, data source, or even lines on a report. This gives you the ability to build out your data to be effective for each user, from the highest level down to the deepest detail. 

We work with you to build a holistic data governance strategy. Your data security is safe with Microsoft's secure Azure infrastructure. 

4.  Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money with a Business Intelligence Tool like Vizion360 Impact Analytics

Providing value is at the forefront of everything we do at Vizion360. We partner with our clients to understand the value we can bring to their organization, because every company is different. When we tie this together with quick implementation, the value is instantaneous. 

Vizion360 provides premium service and enhanced functionality for a fraction of the cost. 

Delivering Data. Empowering Growth.

We truly believe in the value that Vizion360's Impact Analytics can bring to any organization with data. To prove that to you, we want to give you a demo of our product using your real, company data. The insights you glean from this demo will be valuable and help you grow when you adopt Vizion360 at your organization. 

If you want to learn more about Impact Analytics, check out this video or contact us for more information.

Vizion360's Impact Analytics Featuring Power BI

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