Impact Portal Solution Sheet

Developers Best Friend and BI's Preferred Portal Application

The Vizion360 Impact Portal (VIP) is a web-based application that supports three main functions: Data Management, Job Management & Business Intelligence Delivery.

Data Hub for Report Delivery & Data Management

Data Management

It is common that organizations need an interface for their users to add, edit, and delete data existing in a relational database. This typically requires expensive and time-consuming custom application development. The Impact Portal allows a non-developer to create data management web pages by providing meta-data.

Data Features Include:

  • Data validation/ formatting
  • Advanced filtering
  • Customized views
  • Lookuo fields: dropdown/ type-ahead
  • Cascading dependencies
  • Excel import/export
  • Two different data entry modes (Forms & Datasheet)
  • Header and detail relationships
Job Management

The Impact Portal porvides a method of defining processes (Jobs) and exposing a method for users to kick those jobs off. The Impact Portal will define, initiate and control Azure services, SQL and other application proccesses and provided job monitoring and advanced reporting with notifications.

Job Types Include:

  • SQL Server Jobs
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages
  • SQL Server stored procedures
  • Azure Data Factory version 2 (ADFv2) pipelines
BI Delivery

The Impact Portal can act as a central web portal for BI delivery. In addition to web delivery, the Impact Portal can deliver reporting via email or network file locations. It also provides a cost-alternative for enterprise SQL Server Reporting Services data-driven subscriptions.

Delivery Features Include:

  • Power BI dashboards/ reports
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Document Libraries for sharing files such as Excel workbooks
  • Data-driven scheduled refresh & delivery of SSRS reports, Excel or Power BI
  • Application enables Power BI embedded licensing
Data Management App Designed Specifically for BI Developers
  • Three Authentication methods - Windows AD, Azure Active Directory and Forms
  • Security Group Support (Active Directory and Azure Active Directory)
  • Fine-Grained page level permissions (Create/Read/Update/Delete)
  • External page linking capabilities & application embedding support
  • Multi-site, Roles, HTML content pages, Audit logging and much more....

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