Interview with a Vizion Intern Turned Hire!

Breanna was an intern in the Connect! class of 2020, had the opportunity to start working for us early, and has been hired to be part of our team full time. In the video above, she is joined by Jacqui, the Marketing Specialist at Vizion, to talk about her experiences throughout the program and beyond. 

What was it like Interning with Vizion360?

Breanna joined us at Vizion in January of 2020 to expand her skillset with product development. Working alongside this team, she learned real-world applications of Power BI, C#, and SQL.

Over time, she was able to work on different projects and voiced that she wanted to work more with application development. Encouraging our team to take on new challenges and explore opportunities is big for our company. So, Breanna began to explore app dev. 

The Benefits of Working with a Smaller Business

This was an interesting year for everyone due to COVID, but as an intern with Vizion, Breanna said she was able to still learn so much and stay connected with our team even while working remotely. 

Breanna noted how helpful our team was and always readily available to answer any questions.

At her last internship, Breanna worked at a very large company, which made it hard for her to keep in contact with team leads frequently when she needed help. Our daily standups and constant access to team members during the transition from in-person to remote work helps our whole team and clients too!

"It was really beneficial to see the advantages of working for a smaller company throughout the COVID experience."

From Intern to Employee

During her time in the Vizion internship, Breanna showed us that she had what it takes to become part of the Vizion team. She has contributed greatly to our team and we know she'll be a rockstar in the years to come. This winter, she starts her journey with us as an application developer and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Learn More About Vizion360

If you are interested in learning more about Vizion and want to join our team, check out our current opportunities here, and contact us today!

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