Inventory Analytics Solution Sheet

Optimize Inventory Levels and Profits with Vizion360® Inventory

Designed to quickly impact your business by transforming your inventory data in a way you’ve never seen before. Actionable dashboards and interactive reporting will immediately allow your organization to gain valuable insights, spot trends, identify opportunities and efficiently manage your assets to maximize profitability.

Inventory Analytics App

Inventory is the lifeblood of a company. The Vizion360® Inventory App is designed to give your company a competitive advantage and drive inventory improvements through high-performance analytical solutions. Vizion360™ helps you take timely action on inventory activity to mitigate risk and optimize your assets.  

Business Value

By providing timely inventory information, the Vizion360® Inventory App will allow you to positively impact sales, improve cashflow, better manage your physical assets and improve profitability.

  • A single location for all Inventory information to be monitored and delivered up to 10X faster than traditional methods.
  • Continuous visibility into key inventory metrics - turns, excess, slow moving, obsolete - to better manage cash flows.
  • Automated processes to view up-t0-date levels of all inventory including raw materials, WIP and finished goods.
  • Avoid lost sales due to out-of-stock situations and determine optimal purchase levels to support production facilities.
  • Easily manage Inventory turns throughout the entire organization and reduce the expense of overstocking wrong items.
  • Gain actionable insights and start making data supported decisions to drive inventory improvements and mitigate risk.

Vizion360® Inventory provides complete visibility of inventory levels and will positively impact sales and your organizations overall cashflow.

To learn more about our Inventory Analytics App, visit our webpage or Contact Us!


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July 09, 2020 Category: Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft, Case Studies, Testimonials

Vizion360 and Power BI allow us to harness the power of our data and monitor the pulse of our business. - Rod Howell, CEO at Libra Industries Download Case Study Microsoft curated a Power BI Case Study on Vizion360s Custom Power BI Solution for Libra Industries Microsoft partner, Vizion360, not only helps its clients visualize Business Intelligence (BI) data in an interactive way, but also impacts their clients business processes, strategy, and bottom line thanks to the intuitive data analytics and visualization capabilities of Power BI. In addition to being experts in IT professional services, Vizion360 has enhanced relationships with their clients and often serves as a business advisor due to their contributions to their clients business strategies through Vizion360 Impact Analytics and their Power BI solutions. The Situation A Microsoft partner since 2004 and Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Vizion360 is a team of BI and data management experts specializing in

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Connect sales to parcel and expose the impact unexpected shipping costs have on your margin. Gain insight and clarity using the business intelligence tool for parcel cost management.

Impact Analytics Solution Sheet

By Eric Litras
January 29, 2020 Category: Solution Sheets

Impact Analytics allows you to make proactive decisions with your data by optimizing sales performance, product profitability reporting and supply chain reporting

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