Inventory and Supply Chain Reporting: Grow the Bottom Line with Data Analytics

The goal of Vizion360 is to help our customers make data-driven decisions to grow their business through interactive, factual, timely data reports.

"The Vizion360 reports have enabled us to move from instincts, intuition, and gut feel to manage our business to relevant and timely data to make informed decisions."
-President and CEO of National Manufacturer 

Many businesses operate off of gut feelings and from past experiences, but if they make the wrong decision, it can be very costly. We use analytics and business intelligence to succinctly organize information, so the decisions our customers make are based on facts and not feelings. 

What Can Vizion360 Reports Do?

With the custom dashboard from Vizion360, our customers can see:

  • How their vendors are doing.
  • How their supply chain is doing.
  • Cash commitments coming down the road.
  • Which vendors are performing and which ones are not. 
  • A full expense breakdown of where their costs are coming from, labor, materials, and inventory.
  • Management of inventory through real time data on turns, obselete inventory, excess inventory, and more.

The picture below is an example of an Inventory Dashboard created by Vizion360 with Impact Analytics.

Invetory dashborad from Vizion360

Why Choose Data-Driven Reports?

If you manage your inventory, turns, excess and obsolete, that money can go right to the bottom line. What we do is we create highly interactive, timely, powerful dashboards that pull information from all of their ERP systems, some of their customer databases, and even connect some data we can get from their vendors to provide you with all of the info you need to make the best choices for your business. 

Learn More About Inventory and Supply Chain Growth with Vizion360

If you are interested in learning more about how Vizion360 can help you understand your inventory and supply chain dynamics, and how they can grow your bottom line, contact us today at Vizion.

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Joe Vocaire Announces the Exciting News: Acquisition and Integration with Transportation Impact Friends, I am writing today to share some exciting news regarding Vizion360 and our future. With great excitement, I inform you that Transportation Impact, the largest logistics rate services company in the industry, is acquiring Vizion360. A Vizion360/Transportation Impact integration will combine our best-in-class business intelligence applications with the transportation industrys most accomplished logistics and parcel experts, allowing us to create, develop and offer the industrys first end-to-end Supply Chain technology platform. We say goodbye to a storied past, hello to an exciting present, and prepare to launch our Vizion360 business intelligence platform and technology services into the future. The organizational synergies between Vizion360 and Transportation Impact are plentiful, specifically in the areas of company culture and both of our 100% commitment to Client Success.

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Parcel negotiation pioneer teams up with business intelligence innovator to create industrys first end-to-end supply chain platform. Read Press Release Emerald Isle, N.C. (January 12, 2021) Transportation Impact, the largest logistics rate optimization services company, announces the acquisition of the business intelligence platform Vizion360. This integration of best-in-class supply chain technology with the industrys most accomplished logistics experts will allow the company to develop an end-to-end supply chain platform for clients navigating an ever-changing shipping environment. A Transportation Impact/Vizion360 integration will give clients the most advanced supply chain business intelligence platform available today. We pioneered transportation spend management, and now our customers will benefit from that same strategic mindset plus forward-thinking technology, says Berkley Stafford, CEO of Transportation Impact. The new end-to-end platform will provide a multi-mode dashboard

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