Manufacturer Reduces Inefficiencies Through Power BI Partner

Vizion360 is Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Platform and Data Analytics. Tier 1 CSP Provider of Power BI

“Vizion360 and Power BI allow us to harness the power of our data
and monitor the pulse of our business.”  -  Rod Howell, CEO at Libra Industries

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Microsoft curated a Power BI Case Study on Vizion360's Custom Power BI Solution for Libra Industries

Microsoft partner, Vizion360, not only helps its clients visualize Business Intelligence (BI) data in an interactive way, but also impacts their client’s business processes, strategy, and bottom line thanks to the intuitive data analytics and visualization capabilities of Power BI.

In addition to being experts in IT professional services, Vizion360 has enhanced relationships with their clients and often serves as a business advisor due to their contributions to their clients’ business strategies through Vizion360 Impact Analytics and their Power BI solutions. 

Libra Industries: The client in Power BI Case Study for Manufacturers by Microsoft and Vizion360The Situation

A Microsoft partner since 2004 and Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Vizion360 is a team of BI and data management experts specializing in transactional information management and analytics.

Vizion360 prides themselves in helping their clients view their business in new ways by breaking down mission critical data into consumable visuals. One of their main goals is to build trust and a long-term partnership with their clients. 

Customer Challenges

One of Vizion360 clients, Libra Industries, is a leading electronics contract manufacturer. With over 300 employees, they have multiple business locations in Ohio and Texas. While they have been on a growth path, they struggled with poor visibility into their sales performance, profitability, and efficiency.

  • They were employing excessive resources and time into developing static reports that may have not brought significant added value.
  • Although they used an ERP and MRP, they still faced problems reporting and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) across all divisions and departments for their manufacturing and shop floor management.
  • Pulling reports from three to five different systems yielded inconsistent results.
  • Furthermore, visibility into their open orders and backlog was limited. For example, with a long, six to eighteen-month order cycle, they were not able to see what would be shipping a year from now, or even in the near future. 

The Solution

Partner Creates Managed Services Around Power BI Key Values from Microsoft Power BI Case Study on Vizion360 Custom Solution for Libra Industries

Power BI is Microsoft’s suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Vizion360 developed Vizion360 Impact Analytics, which uses Power BI as its front-end visualization to provide customers access to their critical information in a timely and trustworthy manner.

“Power BI has taken our business and BI solutions to another level,” explained Eric Litras, Director of Sales and Marketing at Vizion360. “Now, with Power BI, we have a world-class visualization tool to complement and enhance our analytics models. Power BI allows our clients to keep their teams on the same page, effectively monitor the pulse of their business, spot trends and share insights gained from their data” Litras continued.

Mobile Business Intelligence Solution

To make the best decisions possible, executives need real-time visibility into their business. Eric Litras understands the urgency surrounding analytics and reporting in modern business: “We always ask the client, what are the first five things you want to know when you open up your computer?” One of the most valuable aspects of their offering is connecting information with decision makers through the mobile BI option, which enables them to view reports and conduct analyses from anywhere with the touch of a button.  

Customer Solution with Data Visualization

Libra Industries decided to move forward with a Power BI solution to run on top of their data warehouse.

  • First, Vizion360 modeled their data and developed the background architecture.
  • Next, they implemented the Power BI solution very quickly, the whole process only spanning weeks.
  • The client is now able to interact with their data and conduct meaningful analyses.

Power BI has become the preferred front-end user interface for the executives in the organization, but they also plan to extend it to management and sales representatives.

“We want to give our client a high-level view of their KPIs first. Then, allow them to peel back the first layer to get to a more granular-level of data. Then, peel again to get all the way down to transaction and invoice-level detail.”
- Eric Litras, Director of Sales & Marketing at Vizion360

The Benefits

Making Data-Driven Decisions

One the largest sources of value for Libra stems from the mobile BI solution, which lets the user easily access their personalized dashboard from anywhere, at any time. Vizion360 empowers the users to better manage their shop floor, compare sales according to time variances, and project sales and inventory more than a year out.

According to Libra Industries, “Vizion360 and Power BI allow us to harness the power of our data and monitor the pulse of our business. It helps to separate fact from fiction, and allows us to make more informed business decisions, evolving us into a data-driven company with a competitive edge.”

Partnering as a Business Advisor

Vizion360 does more than provide IT support for Libra Industries. Due to the level of partnership they have achieved, Libra considers them to be more of a business advisor. For example, Vizion360 was able to help streamline the manufacturing process.

Through BI analysis, certain inefficiencies were brought to light. Therefore, they were able to fix leaking margins, pinpoint lost sales, save hours of time, and eliminate rejects from the assembly line. 

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Microsoft and Vizion360 Partnership

The CSP program helps Vizion360 achieve their goal of building trusting relationships with their clients. Through the program, Vizion360 is able to control the entire selling cycle and provide more flexibility to work with customers directly.

After providing prospects with demonstrations that show how easy it is to analyze the data, it does not require a lot of hard selling of Power BI for Vizion360 to close the sale and begin a partnership with a new customer. 

Delivering Data. Empowering Growth. 

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