Business Intelligence Solutions
for Manufacturing

    Gain insights into purchasing, inventory, distribution, and production on the shop floor.
Our solutions are built for data-driven decision makers in the manufacturing industry.

“Vizion brought together great project management and technical skills to deliver
a quality application that has allowed us to improve our operations."    

- Bob Hanzie  /  CFO  /  Libra Industries 



Ideal Data Analytics for the Manufacturing Industry

Operations Reports + TOC Analysis + VP of Manufacturing Dashboard + More

What information would empower you to take your organization to new heights? What are the 5 things you would like to know at the start of every day, week, or month to optimize your focus and increase impact? 

With a variety of dashboards and reports that are specific to your role, company leaders quickly gain insights to make data-driven decisions for their organization. 

VP of Manufacturing Report within Manufacturing Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence: TOC Analysis Dashboards are Customized to Your Shop Floor



Manage Bottlenecks with Theory of Constraints (TOC)

  • Expose bottlenecks and the reason behind them so supervisors can take action to improve throughput time and ultimately increase profitability
  • Our solution is customized to be specific to your shop floor and supply chain (the image here shows an automotive assembly line) 
  • Optimize labor with insights into the efficiency, working hours, and productivity
  • Includes a Pre-Assembly report to gain insight into available parts for all sales and purchase orders
  • Utilize the TOC dashboard in your daily meetings to start every day on the right foot


Delivering Data and Empowering Growth

Data without insight has no return. To drive results, we begin and end our Proven Process business value. Implementing our manufacturing solution at your organization will result in…

  • Increased productivity and efficiency 
  • Improved profitability and overall margins
  • Opportunities to grow the top and bottom line
  • Automation of manual processes

VP of Manufacturing Dashboard and Reports show the power of business intelligence with Vizion360

Pre-Assembly Inventory Business Intelligence Report in Power BI


Why Business Intelligence is Vital for Manufacturers

Overall, data-driven decision making becomes easier with an accurate, fast, and hassle-free BI solution.

  • Connect to multiple data sources to deliver valuable insights on industry trends, buying behavior, and labor for a competitive edge
  • Gain more control over how data is used and consumed throughout your organization
  • Prebuilt applications along with advanced data governance and security features provide ease of access to accurate and secure information
From the President and CEO of National Manufacturer
"The (Vizion360) reports have enabled us to move from instincts, intuition and gut feel to manage our business to relevant and timely data to make informed decisions. We have totally changed our morning production meetings… All of our supervisors and managers receive the daily reports first thing when they arrive. The reports have made production supervisors more keenly aware of the impact of their actions on our financial performance. They are more freely moving resources for example to areas of greatest need." - President & CEO, Power User of Vizion360's Manufacturing Solution

We Go Beyond Your ERP or Data Management System 

You may have an ERP or other system to manage your data. Our solutions will boost your current system and transform how you use data in your day to day operations.

  • Can you easily read reports to find the data you need?
  • Do your reports simply deliver data? Or do they provide context that turns data into insights you can act on?
  • Is the data easily accessbile with the ability to share it throughout your organization?
  • How long does it take you to track down the data you need in your current system?

Our solutions go beyond ERP systems to provide insights into your business operations that allow you to be more proactive, strategic, and successful. We aren't here to replace your system, but to enhance your data's integrity and help you harness the power of your data.


Harness the Power of Your Data to Hit Your Target, Every Time
"Why didn't we hit our target?" When you stop guessing at core bottlenecks and how to solve them, you meet and exceed your goals.


Microsoft Power BI Enables Drill-Through on Your Data in Vizion360's Manufacturing Solution

Identify Opportunities, Expose Bottlnecks, Get Results

Adopting Vizion360's manufacturing solution will lead you to discover information that is actionable. When you take advantage of these insights in daily decision making, the results are instant and exponential.

You'll see visualizations with the high-level metrics you need as an executive, manager or leader in your company. Fueled by Microsoft's Power BI, you have the ability to drill-down into the data to understand the "why" behind every opportunity you find. 

Start Your Data Journey with Vizion360

Vizion360’s Impact Analytics is a solution that will empower your organization from the top down. We partner with our clients to learn about your needs and our products are customized for your business.

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