Monitor and Manage Financial Data with Business Intelligence

Every business has to deal with tracking finances, and in most cases, you have to wait till the end of the month to gather all of that data, and only then can you start to analyze it. With Vizion360 financial reporting through our Impact Analytics product, we've automated financial data to be delivered instantly for you to review daily, weekly, or monthly.

We reduce the amount of time your finance team has to spend running multiple reports and compiling it. Then, we integrate it into a series of scorecards that allow you to drill down into the data to get to the detailed transactions. And in today's world, understanding your daily finance position is essential!

Daily Financial Updates with Vizion360

The Vizion360 Cash Management Dashboard helps you understand your daily financial standing by pulling all of your data into an easy to understand scorecard (see below.)cashflow management from Vizion360

A lot of financial applications provide access to this type of data, but those dashboards are very focused, and they struggle integrating data across different components. Vizion360 takes the foundations at your financial accounting or ERP systems and pulls it all together and an easy to use function that also allows you to get the interactive details in these charts and graphs. 

Comprehensive Insights from Data Dashboards

Quicklook Scorecard from Vizion360 Impact Analytics BI Platform

*The above report is an example of our Quicklook Finacial Scorecard

The best part about our dashboards is that they are custom built for you, so you have access to the information you need right off the bat. These dashboards can also consolidate data and information across multiple platforms.

Business intelligence goes beyond the data to deliver insights that you can take action on. Our reports allow you to start from a high level and drill down into the detailed data when necessary. As gold partners with Microsoft, we integrate Power BI visualizations to make the data easy to understand.

Finacial Report Examples

Some of the reports we offer in our financial solution include:

  • Quicklook Scorecard
  • Cash Management
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Contributed Value Overview
  • Net Profit
  • Material Turns
  • Trial Balance
  • Total Sales
  • and more!

All of our solutions are customized to you, so we are able to create the perfect dashboard and supplemental reports needed for your business.

Learn More About Monitoring and Managing Your Financial Data

If you want to learn more about how Vizion360 can help your business take control of their finances, contact us with any questions. 

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