Monitor Your Business to Achieve Sales Goals

The Company Scorecard is a report/dashboard made for the CEO shows important data to make quick decisions. Data like: What product group is slowing down sales? How far down on sales are we this month? How many days behind are we in sales? Business Intelligence delivers insight into data.

Sales Dashboard Helps the CEO Reach Their Targets

At Vizion Solutions, we take pride in our ability to handle your data and help make it work for your company. We care about creating solutions that bring value to your specific role and integrate seamlessly with your team, data, and operations.

This video dives into a CEO Scorecard that’s part of the Vizion360 Impact Portal, made to help you harness the power of your data. 


Why a Scorecard Just for the CEO?

Vizion creates many dashboards customized for various key players and departments – Sales, Operations, Finance, and Leadership (Like the CFO, CTO, or CEO) to name a few. We understand that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are different for every team leader and department. 

The insights a CEO needs to make quick & effective decisions day-to-day differs from what a CFO or Operations Manager might require. The scorecard we are discussing here is a Sales Scorecard for a CEO; It’s one of many reports made just for a CEO reviewing sales goals.  

One Portal to Answer All Questions 

The Vizion360 Impact Portal acts as the “data hub” for all reports & dashboards you may need– it’s the starting screen where the CEO clicks into the Sales Scorecard to get answers on sales targets and goals for the month. 

When you open up the sales reports, some questions the CEO may ask are… 

  1. What’s are my sales goals?
  2. What are my net sales?
  3. What’s the remaining time to reach my goals? 
  4. How far do we have to go? 
  5. How do we get there?

Within seconds, all of these questions are answered at high-level. Now that this information is known, how does the CEO fix it? 

The CEO’s Sales Situation 

In this example, there are 4 business days left in the month and the CEO is $45,202 off on making their monthly sales goal. Now, one must determine how to make that up and reach their $1,523,644 sales target. 

What’s Holding Sales Back? 

Company Scorecard is a report/dashboard made for the CEO shows important data to make quick decisions. Data like: How many business days left in the month? What product group is slowing down sales? Am I behind on my sales goals? Business Intelligence delivers insight into data.

To understand where the disconnect is between the sales goal and current sales, the CEO delves into their two product groups. With just 1 click, they see that the first product group is actually up almost $24,000 for the month – how are they still over $40,000 behind? 

As the CEO, your gut may be telling you that Product Group 2 is the problem and you probably have an idea of what sales rep or account may be holding it up. But without knowing for certain, what’s the risk? 

In just 3-5 clicks, you get the true data (down to the details) on the problem product, client, or rep that’s holding your sales back. All without hunting people down or having gaps between communications. 

Finding the Source of the Problem  

The Company Scorecard is a report/dashboard made for the CEO shows important data to make quick decisions. Data like: What product group is slowing down sales? How far down on sales are we this month? How many days behind are we in sales? Business Intelligence delivers insight into data.
Knowing that the issue is stemming from Product Group 2, the CEO toggles to a new scorecard in just 1 click to see the data on customers purchasing this product. The Customer Scorecard shows you the customer types that you have for the product group along with other valuable insights. 

With the power of data visualization, the CEO instantly notices a large red area signifying that one customer type (Customer Type 30) is the source of the issue. But we can take it a step further to incite action on that data that brings the CEO one step closer to that goal. 

Drill Down to Get it Right 

Backed by Power BI, the CEO can drill down into Customer Type 30 and see that one specific customer is down over $14,000 on purchases compared to last year. You may also notice that another customer is down by over $10,000 (shown by the red marker on the table). 

The CEO is now wondering, “Why the heck is this customer so behind in sales this month compared to last year?” In just a few clicks, we go even deeper to a Customer Drill-Through – this report shows all the data you need on a specific Customer. 

Act on the Data to Meet Your Goals  

The Customer Drill-Through Report is a dashboard that shows all of the customer and account information as it relates to comparative data and sales. What are the customers sales this year compared to last? What's our gross margin on their account? Do they have any open orders? Business Intelligence delivers insight into data.
The CEO is now looking at the “problem” customer that is more than $14,000 off on this month’s sales. At this stage, the CEO has only been inside the Vizion360 Impact Portal for about 5 minutes and clicked less than 10 times to get this invaluable insight. 

Sorting the customer sales data by Net Sales vs. Last Year, the CEO notices that a few products are down from last year. One product, 89251, is down by almost $5,000. However, the other info on this customer dashboard shows there are $4,600 open orders that are past due. 

Providing Actionable Data Insight in Minutes 

Now, the CEO can make some moves to better the situation. Directly to the right of all this data is the Company information and contact info for the customer, along with the Sales Rep assigned to them and the date the were added to the system. 

The CEO is able to quickly make a call to the Sales Rep to close the open orders and push more sales, or call the customer directly and rectify the issue themselves. 

To summarize: 

  • The CEO entered the Vizion360 Impact Portal, accessing all the data they needed to make fast and informed decisions. 
  • In just a few clicks and less than 10 minutes of time, they found a customer who was major source of their sales loss this month. 
  • With one more click, the CEO gained access to the client’s open orders, gross margin (# and %), average sales, visual & numerical Year-to-Year comparison, and a table of all sales data on the account. 
  • Instantly, they had the contact information of the customer themselves and their assigned sales rep to better the situation. 

Vizion Solutions is a business intelligence solutions provider offering apps and solutions that help businesses grow the top line, improve profitability, increase productivity, and manage risk. 

Our tools are easy to use and offer insights that lead to action in just 3-5 clicks. We believe our solutions have the power to change your life. 

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