Ohio Travel Bag: A Case Study

"What I have since realized using Vizion360® is that it wasn’t the ERP system, it was our ability to get information out of it… I now love our ERP, and we have canceled our approved budget to replace it.


- Brian B., VP of Finance & Purchasing

Vizion360® Extends the Life of Wholesaler’s ERP, Enables E-Commerce Capabilities and Provides Transformative Insights


In 2017, Ohio Travel Bag (OTB) had a frustration not uncommon to most companies, they had an ERP system that fit their business well, but they could not get the data they needed from it.  A common issue with most ERP software solutions is that they are built to be transactional and getting sufficient reporting out the ERP itself is limited at best. 


The Situation

OTB provides hardware solutions in solid brass, zinc-diecast, steel, stainless steel and plastic for luggage, handbags, cases, leather jewelry and leather goods to customers all over the world. OTB stocks over 8,000 items with a diverse selection of goods to remain the preferred supplier for many customers across many different industries. OTB has been using Acclamare’s ERP software for Wholesale Distributors since 2016. We had a chance to sit down with Brian Barczyk, VP of Finance & Purchasing to learn about some of the challenges that Vizon360® solved.

Brian explained that the problem was not the ERP function, it was access to the data. “We have 8,000 sku’s and 32,000 customers, so trying to get reporting using SSRS was a nightmare and required a programmer or IT staff. Vizion360® has literally opened our reporting to access data that we have never been able to obtain in the past.  And now we can do it in seconds.” 

Working with the Vizion Solutions Delivery Team, Brian and his fellow executives explained the challenges they had and the data they think they needed. Vizion quickly turned around impactful reporting that empowers OTB users to get to the data they had been disconnected from. “Vizion360® gets us to the data. Customer data, product data, sales data, by month, by day, by week, by quarter by year, across all categories, subcategories and anything else you can think of.”


The Solution

Being a cloud-based solution, Vizion360® made it easy and fast to implement, so there was no strain on OTB’s IT resources. “With Vizion, it is all stored in a central database and we use Microsoft Power BI and simple Excel pivot tables to access, change and report on the fly.  I manage inventory, purchasing and sales using Vizion360®.” Vizion360 extends the life of Wholesaler 19s ERP, Enables E-Commerce Capabilities and Provides Transformative Insights

Brian turned to his computer and excitedly logged into Vizion360® to provide an example, “Here is a report which is listing about 10 of the hundreds of fields that you can select.  If it is in Acclamare, Vizion can pull it and report on it.  Vizion reports also do user defined calculations not contained in the ERP.  For example, the second item listed on this report has 14,975 items in inventory, but we use 51,351 items. We have 10,000 on order and the excess field is a calculated field from Vizion that is Inv / TTM Qty.”

The Impact

So, what is the impact? Brian explains, “This shows us we have about 3 months of inventory.  All of this information is from the dynamic inquiries usage, purchase history and sales history tabs.  Combining this information from the vendor records, we can pull reports and sort however we want.  We have better control.”  

Not all ERP systems have the data you need in them, so simply building a new report from ERP data is not always the solution. In OTB’s case, the ERP lacked the ability to categorize products in multiple ways. This was a key roadblock in the E-Catalog initiative at OTB (See Ohio Travel Bag's extensive product catalog here). The ERP alone did not provide enough information for effectively configuring the catalog with numerous variables such as size, finish, category, subcategory, new product, top sellers and Vizion360® once again provided the solution. 

“Within Vizion360®, we added and managed user defined fields that are not in Acclamare for the finish of our hardware (such as solid brass, nickel, black, antique brass), size of our items (we have the same buckle in 5 different sizes) and other fields.  We can now report on how many solid brass buckles we have that are 1 inch in seconds, allowing for an improved catalog experience for our customers.”


A Change in Perspective 

How is your relationship with your ERP Provider? Brian explains: “The Leadership at our ERP provider was very aware of my complaints and problems with the software in the past, I was frustrated.  What I have since realized using Vizion360® is that it wasn’t the ERP system, it was our ability to get information out of it.  Acclamare has never gone down, the information is always correct, and the system is awesome.  Because of Vizion360®, our stance on our ERP has done a 180. We have canceled our approved budget to replace our ERP and sticking with it, saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars we can now invest elsewhere.  Once you can get the information out, it is an awesome system.  We could just never get the data out in an effective way until Vizion360®.”

“I am now a big cheerleader for Acclamare and couldn’t be happier with Vizion360®.  Half of my staff are in the Vizion360® portal all day, every day.  I am happy to share our success with any company that was in our situation.  The people at Vizion are great to work with.  Their response time is immediate, and they love to be challenged with unique situations.  Great company with a great solution.”

Brian recommends, “check out our website www.ohiotravelbag.com and look at the product catalog.  Because of Vizion360®, we were able to create this catalog, sort highest selling items, grouped together finishes and sizes, categorized and subcategorized our products and stored finishes and sizes.  The result was taking 8,000 random products that were never grouped or categorized over the past 50 years and in less than 30 days we were able to get this information compiled and create this catalog.”

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