Optimize Inventory with Online Dashboard and Actionable Data

Optimize Inventory with Online Dashboard and Actionable Data | Vizion360

At Vizion360, we create custom applications and dashboards that help people of all different roles inside of a company. From CEOs to IT managers, to VP of sales, to a sales representative, and everyone in between. Today, we are going to talk about how we can help companies across many industries manage their inventory with our software paired with Microsoft Power BI.

Inventory Management Made Simple

We have many applications associated and focused on inventory management, but the primary application is built for inventory optimization. We use a lot of statistical analysis and then to create some of these dashboards and these different levels. And we really sit with our clients, and we classify their products into runners, repeaters, or strangers.

This tool allows you to quickly dive deep into the areas that need more attention than others. This empowers you to be able to drill into those areas, identify the issues, and all of your high-level KPIs. 

With this platform, you can even isolate a single part number and see your data there as well. This shows you right of the bat the supply and demand for that part, the part description, the quantity you have on hand, and so much more. As a purchasing manager or inventory control person, this is extremely helpful for making quick and informed decisions as it relates to this specific part. 

The biggest benefit of the tools we provide is the time you save and the information you receive from these applications. You are not switching through a million spreadsheets, you not cutting and pasting, all you have to do is click through your dashboard, and your actionable data appears. 

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If you are in need of an efficient and simple way to improve and optimize your inventory, no matter the industry, Vizion360 has the solutions you need. Our dashboards are custom to your needs and can help you identify threats, expose opportunities, and really help you take control of your data. Contact us today to learn more and to try a demo. 

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