Optimize Manufacturing Operations with Data Analytics

Business Intelligence for Manufacturers 

Vizion360 has several best practice models that help companies optimize their manufacturing. Our business intelligence tools are designed to help manufacturing companies improve margins and turn their business around.

Manufacturing Data Analytics Productivity and Efficiency Reporting

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We can do this by providing our clients with key metrics that deliver the information manufacturing leaders (operators, supervisors, managers, and executives) need to make quick and informed decisions. 

The key difference with our reporting is not waiting until the end of the week, month or year. You get these reports every day so you can react to the latest information on a daily basis throughout the different levels of your organization.

Robust Manufacturing Analytics Platform

We strive to deliver analytics around labor performance, machine performance, operational efficiencies, and quality assurance. These are critically important factors for manufacturing companies to be monitoring and evaluating.

View an example of a V.P. of Manufacturing scorecard below and click the image to enlarge: 

Data-driven Manufacturing scorecard

Our robust reports are automated and utilize Power BI for stunning data visualizations, so you can quickly gain insights from your data. Our best practice data models make implementation efficient and streamlined, and then we customize the last 20% of the solution to your unique business needs and operations. 

Identify Bottlenecks and Improve Shop Floor Operations Using Theory of Constraints

Theory of Constraints and Flex Spend Reporting for Manufacturers

Perhaps the most sought out manufacturing reports we have are the TOC (Theory of Constraints) and Flex Spend reports. These help leaders identify where bottlenecks are on their floor, gain visibility into their shop floor by section, and empowers them with the data to make the proper adjustments.

TOC Analysis Main dashboard from manufacturing analytics platform

The above image as an example TOC Analysis main dashboard. This report offers information from an aggregate view and by each section of your shop floor. Instant insights include...

  • Manufacturing Inventory $ vs. Inventory Target
  • Throughput per Day vs. per Day Target
  • Throughput vs. Throughput Target
  • Earned Machine Hours vs. Machine Hours Worked

Flex Spend and PNL Reporting Takes Manufacturers to the Next Level

We offer scorecards of Flex spending and daily PNLs for the operations on the variable costs and structures within their organization. See an example below and click the image to enlarge.

Flex Spend Reporting by Vizion360's Manufacturing Data Analytics Platform

The Flex spend report can offer data and insights around conversion cost, labor cost and earned hours. We have several case studies that show how our platform has improved the operations of our clients.

Learn More About how to Improve Your Manufacturing Facility 

To learn more about our Vizion360 Impact Analytics platform, click here. You can also learn more about our manufacturing industry solution here. We do offer free demos of our solutions to help you see if it is the right fit for you.

If you are in the manufacturing industry and struggling to find ways to improve operations, sales, and processes, contact us today using the form below to see how our dashboards can help you make data-driven decisions. 

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Vizion360 has several best practice models that help optimize manufacturing operations. Our business intelligence tools are designed to help these companies improve efficiency, increase productivity, optimize their shop floor using Theory of Constraints, and more to help them better their business.

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