Optimizing Inventory Management for Rental Operations

Business Intelligence Solutions for Rental Companies

As a rental company, your inventory is one of your greatest assets, and being able to see and control the data associated with your inventory is incredibly valuable to your company. Vizion360 creates custom dashboards to help inventory managers track this data and make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and expose threats. 

Custom Dashboards for Data Analysis

In the video, you can see a high-level example of what one of our custom inventory dashboards could look like for your rental company. We work with our customers to learn how they want to calculate their data, what is most important for them to see right off the bat, and which metrics they need to get the full picture. 

Once you access your inventory dashboard, you can quickly identify areas that require more attention, and then drill into those areas so you can take the actions needed to correct problems or see what is doing well. 

Track Data by Seasons and Events

You can even look into your data history in terms of months, years, or seasons. For example, during the Super Bowl, you always need a higher inventory of certain items. With Vizion360, you can quickly see which items you need to stock up on around that time. 

"Imagine if you could hire a genius like Albert Einstein to help make all of your labor, buying, and pricing decisions. That is what it is like to have Vizion360."

– VP of Sale, Event Source
Cleveland, Ohio

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If you are a rental company or any company that wants to take control of your data and use it to help you with your inventory, sales, pricing, and other business decisions, contact us at Vizion360 today. You can also learn more about our business intelligence tools by watching more videos like this in our video library.

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