Parcel Analytics Expose Huge Savings for Shippers

The ROI on Parcel BI was immediate. I Only Wish I had Parcel BI Sooner. Parcel Business Intelligence for Spend Mangaement

Parcel BI empowers the shipper, saves time, provides insights, and most importantly saves money.

It's a suite of business intelligence solutions for visibility into parcel spend, profitability and its impact on margin. Whether you are a parcel novice or a seasoned logistics expert, you will find valuable insights that inspire action and deliver results.

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Hidden Charges in Your Carrier Invoices

Every week, there are fees and costs in your parcel carrier invoices (UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others) that you are not aware of because they are hidden. These are costing you more than you know.

Parcel BI Main Dashboard - The Business Intelligence Tool for Parcel Spend Management

Parcel BI exposes these costs through interactive reports and dashboards.

You will have the insights you need to effectively reduce these charges. This is a unique analytics tool that your carrier does not want you to know about because it gives you visibility into parcel like you've never seen before.

What Fees and Charges Am I Missing in My Parcel Carrier Invoice?

Do you know your true cost of shipping? Many of the costs come after the packages have shipped, so the bill ends up higher than you initially expect (or report). Parcel BI users have exposed hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes millions) depending on their annual spend. 

Invoice Charge Detail from Invoice Analytics with Parcel BI

Things like address corrections, add-on surcharges for packaging size or type, and penalty fees are just a few of the charges that Parcel BI exposes. Dive deeper with The Top 5 Charges and Fees Hiding in Your Parcel Invoice to learn more about these hidden charges.  

The big take-away: these charges are avoidable. Parcel BI Powered by Vizion360

What Makes Parcel BI Different than an Audit and 3PLs?

We are a business intelligence firm, so we come at these issues from a data analytics perspective. We aren't a 3PL and we aren't auditors, we provide data solutions. Our goal is to partner with clients to help them harness the power of their data. 

We lead with value and ROI to ensure that your data is working for you. That's why we have low-risk, month-to-month subscriptions. You can customize which reports and services to include with your subscription based on your needs. 

An average of 31% of parcel shipping invoices are hidden accessorial fees or surcharges. Parcel BI  An average of 7% of carrier invoices can be refunded through an audit. Parcel BI  Parcel shippers are achieving 10-35% cost savings by analyzing spend, changing & optimizing operations, diversifying carriers, and negotiating better rates.

Is This Audit or the Same as Audit Reports? 

No. We often hear, "I have a company doing audit already and they give me reports", but Parcel BI goes far beyond Audit. Audit is the primary focus of savings for many companies, when it should be the last part of the equation. 

Audit-first companies give you bad reports, they are focused on the money they make and don’t give you the tools to find bigger savings.  We do audit, but it's the last step and is focused on the pennies rather of the big dollars that have already been exposed.

The Ins and Outs of Parcel BI

Parcel BI has made it possible to gain control of our Parcel Spend. Powered by Vizion360 Business Intelligence Solutions

What Does it Do?

Your parcel invoice spreadsheets can be hundreds or thousands of pages long. The data exports the carriers offer are meant to placate shippers, not help save them money.  

Parcel BI takes all your parcel data and delivers it in a way that is easy to understand. It highlights the areas where you are losing significant money (hundreds of thousands of dollars+).

You will be able to efficiently identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve processes.

Parcel Spend Overview from Parcel BI Powered by Vizion360

Add-Ons and Services

We offer add-on tools and services for a complete parcel management solution.

How Does it Work?

Parcel BI is simple to implement and when it comes to the data, we do the work for you.  You input your logins to the carriers you use and we download your data right from the carriers’ websites.

For advanced features, we can also upload your contracts and other business data, but it is all painless for you. As a BI firm, we are well-versed in data extraction, management, and modeling. 

Turning Parcel Data into Visual Reports

Parcel BI automatically gathers parcel bills from the major carriers (UPS, FedEx, GSO, Endicia, Loomis, Purolator, OnTrac, etc.) and imports them into our expert data model. With Power BI, we create powerful visualizations to transform the data into interactive reports.

These give you high-level analysis and the ability to drill down to the package-level detail for a complete understanding of your bill. 

Parcel Margin Overview from Parcel BI Powered by Vizion360  Year over Year Parcel Spend Analysis with Parcel BI Powered by Vizion360

Click the images above for a closer look at the Parcel Margin Overview and Year Over Year Analysis. You can learn more about how Parcel BI works here.

How Much Can I Save?

How much do you spend on parcel each year? How much is 5% of that number? 30%? 40%? In the example below, a Parcel BI user exposed over $5 million in savings.

$25 Million in Annual Parcel Spend, Over $5 Million in Savings Exposed with Parcel Business Intelligence Tool, Parcel BI

Depending on how far you go with our services and tools, those are the types of savings you can achieve. We have saved companies as much as 40% on their parcel spend, and in some cases this equates to millions of dollars in parcel savings! 

Even if you were only able to save 5% on your parcel spend, how much would that mean to you?

How Much Does Parcel BI Cost?

The base product of Parcel BI is Invoice Analytics, this is the core piece that allows you to analyze your carrier invoices and bills. It is a monthly subscription based upon your parcel volume.

The more you ship, the bigger your volume of data we need to manage, so the bigger the cost. In most cases, it pays for itself when comparing the cost to the savings discovered. 

See Your Savings Before You Decide

The great thing is that you can see your data, in Parcel BI, get the cost, then determine if it is worth it to you.  If you sign up and want to stop, then you can cancel at any time. Parcel BI is a monthly subscription, so you don’t have to sign up for a long commitment to get the value.

Sign up for a FREE demo today. We will use your company data and show you how much you could save with Parcel BI. What's the risk?

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