Take Control of Your Parcel Spend

Discover impactful cost savings opportunities to improve profitability for your distribution. Gain leverage to negotiate deeper discounts on carrier contracts through accurate and easily accessible parcel data.

Invoice Analytics + Contract Edge + Freight Margin Analysis + Parcel Refund Audit

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The Data Tool for Parcel Cost Management

Reduce Cost + Negotiate Better Contracts + Improve Efficiency + Reduce Errors

Are you spending hours and resources auditing your freight and parcel? Automate the analyzation of parcel to reduce costs, identify trends, opportunities, negotiate rates, and transform your business.


Reduce Costs and Eliminate Hidden Fees

The Freight Spend application will expose hidden fees by automatically filtering data straight from your carrier web portals and invoices. A variety of reports have different points of view to empower quick and accurate decision making.


Gain Leverage in Contract Negotiations

Contract Edge is a tool that has the power to compare contract performance using real historical parcel data. Discover the impact of rate increases without spending hours combing through invoices, spreadsheets, and contracts. 

Expose True Costs, Refine Policy, Improve Margin and Make an Impact

Integrating your sales data with our analytics allows us to connect the data to individual customers, products and business units to measure impact on true profitability. Our core competency is in providing organizations with transformative Business Intelligence. 

See Your Parcel Data in a New Light
In just 3-5 clicks, you’re gaining insight into your parcel spend that inspires action and exposes cost-saving opportunities. Power BI is the latest in business intelligence technology and Vizion360’s partnership with Microsoft has served our products and clients well.

The Impact of Parcel Spend Management

Audit & analyze your carrier invoices by leveraging the latest in business intelligence technology. Make an impact on your parcel spend and shipping policies.

  • Reduce Errors & Costs
  • Negotiate Better Contracts
  • Manage Risk & Gain Efficiency
  • Benchmark Your Savings
Seeing is Believing
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