Parcel BI Solution Sheet

The Business Intelligence Tool That Empowers Users & Exposes Data

Parcel BI delivers your data in an interface that is easy to understand and navigate. The platform allows you to slice and dice reports by carrier, service and customer to identify insights and profit improvement opportunities.

  • Instantly Reduce Parcel Costs
  • Drill Into Your Carrier Data
  • Save Time With Report Automation
  • Connect Parcel Costs to Your Sales Data
  • Better Negotiate & Measure Contracts
  • Measure & Benchmark Shipping Performance

Companies that can identify opportunities to reduce their parcel shipping costs can instantly increase their profitability. The Parcel BI analytic tools are designed to quickly expose these opportunities. allowing you to gain better insight into your carrier shipping invoices and costs. These insights can lead to huge savings on both inbound and outbound shipping spend.

  • Single portal for all parcel expenses to be monitored
  • Instantly gain actionable insights & start to make data-supported parcel decisions
  • Easily analyze your freight spend in seconds across multi-attributes
  • Increase Profitability - Immediate exposure to accessorial and extra charges that you may be missing on your invoices or unaware exist
  • Indentify refund opportunities that exist in your carrier invoices
  • Period over period performance tracking of inbound & outbound shipments
  • Supports multiple carriers - UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Loomis, GSO, OnTrac, DHL connectors included (other carriers can be added)

Parcel BI Suite of Analytical Tools & Services

Invoice Analytics

Empowers you to get a handle on your parcel spend instantly. The reporting platform simplifies the complexity of understanding your parcel spend, allowing for "timely" week-to-week identification of profit improving opportunities. This interactive tool allows you to drill into the data and expose those opportunities and immediately start to improve processes and practices to save money to your company's bottom line.

  • All parcel data automated, combined and visable
  • Drillable interactive reporting technology
  • Actionable insights for process & policy improvements
  • Instantly expose bottom-line cost saving opportunities
  • UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Loomis, GSO, OnTrac, DHL

Contract Edge: The "What-if" Comparison Tool

Gain the upper hand in contract negotiations with our powerful "What-if" tool that allows you to compare UPS and/or FedEx contracts. Allows you to analyze carrier vs carrier or year-over-year data at a granular level to know where to negotiate the best rates based on your shipping profile.

  • Instantly calculate the impact of carrier rate increases
  • Measure & compare contracts using your actual volume
  • Automatically extract incentives & rates
  • Expose incentives with the greatest impact on costs
  • Negotiate contracts independently & keep ALL savings

Freight Margin Analysis

Integrating your transactional sales data with Parcel BI allows you to see parcel costs associated with individual customers, products and other attributes that will negatively impact profitability. This provides dynamic business intelligence that delivers actionable insights that will drive shipping process & policy improvements.

  • A platform that goes beyond parcel refunds & audit
  • Easily connect your sales data to actual delivered costs
  • Immediately expose sales transactions with cost issues
  • Provides real insight on how your parcel costs are affecting profitability by customer, product, category, operation & sales representative, etc.

Parcel Refund Audit

Carrier invoices can be saturated with errors. This means there's an opportunity to get money back and reduce services for recovering money on carrier charges by diving deep into your entire parcel landscape, sourcing the data for cost savings and opportunities to further reduce your parcel spend moving forward.

  • Claim money owed to you by Carriers
  • Industry leading audit combining sophisticated software with industry expertise
  • Double billings, wrong accounts, guaranteed delivery failure, disputable charges, etc.
  • UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Loomis, GSO, OnTrac, DHL

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