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Taking Your Data to a Whole New Level

Do you need assistance deciding which Power BI Sku is right for you? Implementation of a complete data model & BI platform featuring Microsoft Power BI? Or simple coaching on how to best tell a story with your data to make better, faster decisions? We can help.


Bring Your Data to Life

Power BI’s interactive and insightful dashboards and reporting allows organizations from executive leadership down to individual users, more control on how data is consumed and used across the organization.

Customize Your Data Journey

Customized scorecards keep you informed about what is most important in your business. Just like a dashboard in your car displays important information about your vehicle, such as speed and fuel level, a dashboard in Power BI displays important information about your business and its continued success.


Power BI & The Vizion360 Impact Portal

The Impact Portal is the foundation of the Vizion360 data analytics platform. Designed to fully integrate and take advantage of the Power BI sku that makes the most sense for your organization and your budget. Integration includes:

  • Web Based Data hub with extensive data management capabilities
  • Embedded Power BI functionality
  • Customizable application level security that you control
  • Complete audit log and data governance visibility
  • Multiple Active Directory domains options
Dashboard in a Day
Are you looking to better utilize Power BI to transform your business? Our success is rooted in our partnership with Microsoft. Vizion hosts one-day events to give you a Power BI crash course.

Monitor the Pulse of Your Business

Keep Your Team on The Same Page
Keep Your Team on The Same Page

Power BI lets you share your dashboards so you get a single view of the business and make decisions based on the correct data.

Explore and Analyze
Explore and Analyze

You can pose questions from your data using everyday language and get answers in the form of interactive reports and dashboards using Power BI.

Connect to All of Your Data
Connect to All of Your Data

Power BI brings together all of your data so you can start analyzing the most up-to-date information

Drill Down Into Your Data
Drill Down Into Your Data

Dashboards display tiles that represent important information about your business. You can select a tile to explore even more information from the underlying report.

A Platform For Collaboration
Accurate data that is fast, accessible and hassle-free. Shared between departments and teams. Start managing your data to impact your business, saving time and money while increasing profits.

Power BI Blog for Power Users

This blog is filled with tips, tricks, features, updates, and more! It's the perfect place for power users who want to make the most of the platform or beginners looking to take a deeper dive.

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