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Author: Eric Litras

June 2019 Highlights from Microsoft Power BI Features Update

By Eric Litras
June 20, 2019 Category: Monthly Highlights, Features, Updates, Microsoft

Are you keeping up with all the features that Power BI has to offer? Where you unable to attend or did you miss the highlights from the Microsoft Business Applications Summit it Atlanta? Well, Vizion has got you covered and will share with you some of the highlights of the Power BI features update and the cool stuff announced at their years summit.. Microsoft releases this update to their Power BI site monthly and you can check out the full update on their blog here. It is nice to Share!!! Its finally hereShared Datasets. With Shared Datasets in Power BI, you now have the ability to have a single dataset to be used by multiple reports and workspaces. This new feature and functionality will allow you to copy existing reports across workspaces or if you choose, to build new reports based on datasets in different workspaces. With Certified Datasets, organizations now have a mechanism to distinguish the most valued and trusted datasets. Certified datasets show up prominently so users can

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