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Month: May 2019

May 2019 Highlights from Microsoft Power BI Features Update

By Vizion360
May 29, 2019 Category: Monthly Highlights, Features, Updates, Microsoft

Are you keeping up with all the features that Power BI has to offer? Do you get frustrated finding the same bugs or issues in your Dashboards or reports? Well, theres probably a fix for your issues. As we are every month, Vizion is super excited about the monthly Microsoft Power BI features update. As a preferred Power BI Partner, we like to share whats most exciting for us and our clients to empower them. This month, the folks at Power BI certainly knew how to please the Power BI community as they continue to hit the mark on highly requested Power BI features and upgrades. Microsoft releases this update to their Power BI site monthly and you can check out the full update on their blog here. Get Ready to Analyze Performance Power BI now has a new performance analyzer pane. This new analyzer pane lets you see behind the scenes of whats happening when your reports are loading. This will allow you to optimize your report performance by analyzing the time it takes to load each visual

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