Profitability Analytics Solution Sheet

Maximize Revenue & Increase Profitability with Vizion360®

Designed to impact your business’s bottom line by providing rapid access to precise profitability statistics that capture the true costs of delivering your products and serving customers. Actionable dashboards and interactive reporting will immediately allow your business to gain valuable insights and identify profit improvement opportunities.


Customer/product Profitability App

Companies can instantly take action to improve their bottom line by identifying profitability opportunities. The Vizion360® Customer/Product Profit Application looks beyond traditional financial reporting and is designed to quickly allow you to determine the true profitability of each customer and product. 

Business Value

The innovative backbone of the Vizion360® Customer/Product Profit App takes your organization to the next level of profitability. Vizion360® allows you to capitalize by precisely identifying your revenue and cost improvement opportunities.

  • Instant visibility and analysis into your customer and product profitability by sales, costs, gross margin, contribution margin, net profit, EBITDA and much more.
  • Easily examine all angles of your financial metrics allowing your company to truly find bottom line profit improvement opportunities.
  • User-Friendly tool to accurately measure profitability by selected categories and identify key profit and loss drivers.
  • Determine true margin and income of products, brands, product classes, customers, customer categories and sales persons.
  • Develop profit improvement and maintenance strategies to maximize revenue streams and cash flows.
  • Unprecedented insight and understanding into your fixed, variable and semi-variable cost factors.

Our clients are seeing profitability improvements that are dramatically improving their bottom line.

To learn more about the Customer/Product Profitability App, visit our webpage or Contact Us!


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