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Month: June 2016

Case Study - Data Warehousing with Contract Manufacturer and Supplier

By Eric Litras
June 16, 2016 Category: Food Service Industry, Testimonials, Case Studies

Vizion saved us over 80 hours of manual reporting and the solution immediately exposed us to data that allowed us to make quick decisions that positively affected our bottom line. - CFO Company Background Industry - Food Services Technology - Data Warehouse Our client is a leading contract manufacturer and private label supplier for the food industry in North America, whose primary focus is snacks. The organization has eleven GFSI compliant state-of-the-art, geographically diverse production facilities operating in 10 cities throughout the United Sates and Canada. Business Issue This organization was having trouble with data collection to accurately monitor and calculate commission reporting and payments. The commission structure in place was not universal and composed of multiple deals and multiple structures. The only method for analysis and ultimate payment was the use of multiple spreadsheets being mashed together to produce the data. In total, the work to generate

Case Study - Hospice of the Western Reserve

By Eric Litras
June 15, 2016 Category: Case Studies, Medical Industry, Testimonials

Our partnership with Vizion Solutions has allowed us to operate all departments of our organization much more efficiently and has given us access to our information in ways we didnt think was possible. We now get data exponentially quicker and are able to manage and care for our patients in a more proactive and less reactive manner. Vizion Solutions is not only helping us, its helping our patients. - Todd Benenati Company Background Industry - Medical Technology - Data Warehouse, PowerView, Power BI Hospice of The Western Reserve (HWR) provides palliative end-of-life care, caregiver support, and bereavement services throughout Northern Ohio. Their goal is to relieve suffering, enhance comfort, promote quality of life, foster choice in end-of-life care and support effective grieving. Business Issue Hospice of The Western Reserve needed to do more with their data across four primary departments within their organization: Quality, Marketing, Financial and Clinical Operations.

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