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Month: June 2019

Impactful BI Platform: A Case Study on Event Source

By Eric Litras
June 03, 2019 Category: Case Studies, Rental Industry

Powered By Vizion360 Impact Analytics Event Source, a premier special events industry company with eight different locations wanted to invest in the ability to further drive sales growth and proactively understand company and industry trends. Their traditional ERP reporting environment impacted the companys ability to proactively answer questions, detect trends regarding item and customer buying behavior and easily present data visualizations to their sales reps. Furthermore, a recent acquisition was presenting multiple challenges from a data and reporting perspective. KEY CHALLENGES In the absence of a modern BI platform, the company had constant struggles understanding their inventory and purchasing metrics due to the data structure and the fact that it was now coming from separate systems. The Purchasing department would spend hours each day exporting and organizing data to be able to perform an analysis which allows them to see trends of their items. The ERP system lacks the functionality

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