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Category: Sports Industry

Case Study - Miami University Baseball

By Michael Strand
July 25, 2017 Category: Sports Industry, Case Studies

Company Background Industry - Sports Technology - Power BI The Miami Redhawks are a NCAA Division I baseball team from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The team is a member of the Mid-American Conference East Division. Miamis first baseball team was fielded in 1915. The Redhawks are coached by Dan Hayden. Business Issue The Redhawks were looking for a competitive advantage using analytics with baseball statistics. This need stemmed from daa becoming the newest craze in sports. Data analytics in sports has been popular at the professional level, but not as widespread among amateur atheltics. Theres an enormous amounts of data provided in sports with many varying statistics for each player, and many players per team in baseball. Miami Baseball wanted to be at the forefront of amateur data analytics in the athletic field. The focus area where many issues where seen was pitching, specifically with pitch type, pitch speed, and pitch location. Vizions Solution for Client Success Vizion

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