Parcel Margin Analysis

Parcel Margin Analysis from a High-Level. Connect Parcel to Sales using Business Intelligence to Gain Insight and Clarity.

Connect sales to parcel and expose the impact unexpected shipping costs have on your margin. Gain insight and clarity using the business intelligence tool for parcel cost management.

Parcel BI is a Vizion360 product and the Parcel Margin Analysis is where it connects to sales data through Impact Analytics

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How Does the Margin Analysis Help Parcel Shippers?

The short answer is that it will provide major savings on shipping costs AND the hours and resources spent auditing freight costs billed to customers. This tool takes your sales and manifest (or billed shipping cost) and connects it with the true cost of shipping.

  • Easily identify orders that lose money due to delivery costs to expose major savings
  • See the difference between anticipated delivery cost compared with true delivery cost
  • Data visualizations make it easy to digest and understand data from a high-level down to the detail
  • Slice and dice the data by customer or by product to get the answers you need

Parcel BI Testimonial on gaining control of Parcel Spend through business intelligence solutions.


Find Your TRUE Shipping Cost

The cost that you expect for shipping can change from the time you ship and invoice to the time you get the bill. You can be charged additional fees for...

  • Dimensional / Weight Discrepancies
  • Additional Handling, Large Oversized, Overmax / Unauthorized
  • Address Corrections
  • Chargebacks
  • Undeliverable / Returns
  • Other

Example of Savings Found with Parcel BI

Savings Exposed from Shipping Corrections, Hidden Fees and Charges, Through Parcel BI from Vizion360

Analyzing Parcel Margin by Customer (Report Walkthrough)

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Overview Report Shows High-Level Insights

Parcel Margin Analysis Report by Parcel BI and Vizion360

  • Supports all carriers
  • Exposes invoiced shipping to customers and all invoiced by carrier
  • Margin is expressed in $ and %
  • Measure by customer or by products

View by Customer to Expose Opportunities 

Table Shows Parcel Shipping and Sales by customer. Parcel BI by Vizion360

Users can drill into a customer, expose individual orders, and then drill into the order detail. The table above is organized by customer. This dynamic table can be sorted as needed by the user. Columns include...

  • Total Sale
  • Invoiced Shipping to Customers
  • Net Cost of Parcel
  • Gross-Margin Pre-Shipping
  • Parcel Net Impact on Margin

Drill Into Reports to View at a Customer or Order Level

By right-clicking a customer, you can drill into their data to view it by transactions (see below). Here, you can easily identify which orders are costing you. From there, you are able to drill through to a complete detailed report. 

Drill down into Parcel Margin Analysis reports to expose opportunities from a high-level

Order Detail Drill Through Report

  • Product Detail, Sales $, Cost and Quantity Shipped by Order
  • See Shipping Cost Detail: Expected vs. Actual
  • KPIs: Shipping Cost Invoiced, Actual Costs, Margin Impact

Order Drill-through Report on Parcel Margin Analysis to Connect Sales Data to Parcel and Shipping Data

Customer Detail Drill Through Report

Customer Drill Through Report in Parcel Margin Analysis by Parcel BI and Vizion360 to connect sales and orders to parcel data

  • Invoiced to Customer, Invoiced From Carrier, Parcel Margin % and $ by Customer
  • Customer Info: Name/#, Ship To City, Ship To State, Default Warehouse, Free Freight Minimum
  • Chart to show relationship and trends of Sales, Net Parcel Invoiced, Discounted Cost from Carrier
  • Breakdown by month (table): Package Count vs. Carrier Package Count, Sales, Invoiced to Customer, Discounted Cost from Carrier, Parcel Margin, GM $ and %, GP $ and %, Margin Impact

Dive Deeper Into Parcel BI

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Connect sales to parcel and expose the impact unexpected shipping costs have on your margin. Gain insight and clarity using the business intelligence tool for parcel cost management.

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