Business Intelligence Solutions
for the Supply Chain

Grow the top and bottom line, improve profitability and productivity, manage bottlenecks and track KPIs with our customized BI solution.

Gain insights that inspire action and deliver results, in as little as 3-5 clicks.


"Vizion saved us over 80 hours of manual reporting and the solution immediately exposed us to data
that allowed us to make quick decisions that positively affected our bottom line."

- Chief Financial Officer



Ideal Data Analytics for Supply Chain Management

Inventory + Purchasing + ManufacturingDistribution 

Being empowered with business intelligence means the ability to be proactive, make data-driven decisions quickly and react immediately to shifts in your marketplace, industry, or network.

What are the 5 things you need to know at the start of every day, week, or month?

Our custom BI reporting is specific to the supply chain industry, operations, and your role within the organization. Vizion360 Impact Analytics delivers life-changing insights that give you those 5 KPIs in just 3-5 clicks.

Whether you need high-level numbers for a board meeting, an executive dashboard for the C-suite to use daily, or a productivity scorecard for the shop floor supervisors, we have it all. 

Insights on Your Supply Chain Operations

Our executive dashboard provides high-level insights on sales, profitability, productivity, and distribution. Once you've reviewed that data, you can hop over into the inventory scorecard, purchasing reports, and manufacturing solution to manage your entire supply chain. 

Expose Opportunities and Bottlenecks

Our manufacturing reporting is built to around increasing productivity and efficiency. Reports on Theory of Constraints and Flex Spend Analysis help you expose opportunities and bottlenecks in minutes. You can easily identify which ones will have the highest impact on your business and then take action. 

Optimize Inventory Management

Our core inventory application is built around optimization and has a variety of reports focused on proactive management including the inventory dashboard, stock inventory, and the main scorecard.

Power BI and Vizion360 Impact Analytics

Our solution utilizes Power BI and goes beyond the data to offer actionable insights. Starting from a high-level, you can identify opportunities and drill down on the data to determine how to take proactive or corrective action. 


Optimize Manufacturing Operations with High-Level Insights
Executive Dashboards allow for high-level insights with the ability to drill down to the details so your team can take action. Other reports include Operations, Process Manufacturing, TOC, and Flex Spend Analysis.

Take Control of Parcel Spend and Improve Profitability


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A Proven Process that Gets Results

Define Business Value
Define Business Value

Identify issues, opportunities, goals, and then frame your solution.

Organize Partnership & Business Blueprint
Organize Partnership & Business Blueprint

Align the team and outline the requirements to meet your goals.

Implement, Rollout, and Follow Up
Implement, Rollout, and Follow Up

A custom solution is implemented, tested, and refined. Training is provided to empower the team.

Business Value & Continuous Improvement
Business Value & Continuous Improvement

Did you meet your goals and achieve business value? How will you continue to grow and maintain that value? 

Streamline Your Distribution with Customized Reports
Gain insights into operational efficiency, productivity, sales, inventory, purchasing and freight. Made for data-driven decision makers looking for a competitive advantage.

Start Your Data Journey with Vizion360

Vizion360’s Impact Analytics featuring Power BI is a solution that will empower your organization from the top down. We partner with our clients to learn about your needs and our products are customized for your business.

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