The Road to Vizion360 from Vizion Solutions

A Message to Our Partners: Clients, Employees, Vendors, and Colleagues

Vizion Solutions has been in business for 17 years. We are truly proud of the company that we’ve become and the amazing culture that we’ve created.  Since 2002, we have worked hard to transform from 2 employees in a garage to a thriving, talented team of over forty that was just named the 2019 Tech Company of the Year by OHTec.

We’ve come a long way and it’s been one heck of ride.

As an implementor of EOS, Vizion Solutions’ leadership began to reflect on who we really are as an organization, addressing tough questions about where we were and where we wanted to go as an organization. What did we want to be? How can we achieve our 3-year and 10-year goals?

This culminated in many offsite retreats and strategy sessions where our leadership team committed to defining who we are, why we do what we do and what were the uncompromising core values by which we operate. 

To no surprise this process of self-discovery and exploration was centered around our clients, data and technology and how important all three were to our organization. It also energized the team and made us realize that we needed a look and a brand that was indicative of the cutting-edge technology and Business Intelligence solutions that we deliver to our clients – We needed to SHAKE IT UP!!

Saying Goodbye to Vizion Solutions & Hello to Vizion360

With that said….this week we retire the name and logo for Vizion Solutions and launch Vizion360.  We say goodbye to the past and prepare to launch the company into the future.  The business and our operations will remain the same, we just discovered that our name and identity didn’t exactly reflect our evolving identity, extraordinary talents and our Business Intelligence skills and technology experiences. 

Simply put, we deliver data in a way that our clients get a 360° view of their organization. Our game changing Business Intelligence products and Industry Solutions provide a complete data analytics platform designed to have an immediate impact. We want everyone to see their business from our point-of-view, the Vizion360 point-of-view.

So, Why Vizion360?

It was simple really – most people already refer to us as Vizion or Vizion360 anyway. Our flagship product, Vizion360 Impact Analytics has grown tremendously over the past 17 years and in many cases has taken on the identity of who we are. It is not uncommon for our clients to refer to their analytics and reporting as the “Vizion360 reports” – never the Vizion Solutions reports. Vizion360 truly represents what we are to our clients – a partner that provides a 360° view of their organization by harnessing the power of their data.

Since 2002, Vizion has never wavered from our desire to partner with clients and help them leverage data and the latest technology to better their company and the lives of the people within those organizations. Our genuine dedication to Client Success will not change with a new name, logo or colors.   Our guiding principles and core values will still be the driving force behind Vizion360 and the bonds we have with our Clients Making Data Work.

Thanks for partnering with us through the years!

Vizion360 | Delivering Data. Empowering Growth.

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