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Cleveland Data Company Recognized by Team as Top Workplace in 2020

Our team at Vizion360 is thrilled to be recognized as a Top Workplace by The Cleveland Plain Dealer this year. You can read our article on here: 5 values that create  'A Culture You Can Be Proud Of'.

Innovation and Teamwork in Data Industry

Ranking in at number six for small businesses in our region is an honor. We have won other awards and recognitions in the past, but this one really takes the cake for us because our team members are the ones who voted us a top workplace.

Top Workplaces, Vizion360 Cleveland, Ohio

We also received the “New Ideas” specialty award. This was especially exciting for us as a technology firm. We really encourage innovation and open communication among our teams so that new ideas can be discussed and implemented.

A Culture of Partnership

One of the reasons that we feel so lucky to be recognized with this award is because it really speaks volumes to our team and clients. True partnership with clients is a cornerstone of our culture that our team embraces.

Our focus is on creating an enriching environment for our team to grow both in their careers and in their personal lives. We lead with our core values and it shows!

Collage of Vizion360 Team Bonding

From the Vizion team:

"The people here are simply the best. From the top down, everyone is engaging, helpful, passionate and literally uses 'teamwork for results.'"

"Every day, I come into work and get to work with amazing co-workers who push to be 'the best.'"

"A culture to be proud of."

Hard Work and Dedication Leads to Growth 

Our culture is driven by the entire team and we’ve all been working hard to keep it thriving since COVID-19 hit. The management team has been on top of policy updates, safety, and transparent communication.

The team has prioritized being there to help our clients be successful. Focusing on this alongside teamwork, taking responsibility, doing the right thing, and striving for the best has led to undeniable growth for our company. 

Delivering Data & Empowering Growth for Vizion360

We have used data and teamwork to help our clients, hire new team members, host an internship program, and grow sales during a time of uncertainty. Winning this award is a testament to these accomplishments and our team’s greatness.

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Vizion360 Top Workplace Award and Team Thank You

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