Vizion 360 Helps You Harness the Power of Your Data

Vizion 360 business intel and data analysis

Vizion 360 is a business intelligence and data analytics organization. And what we do is partner with our clients to really help make their data work. We have a group of highly experienced folks in our organization that are experts in data modeling, technical design, industry solutions. We are a Microsoft gold partner in both business intelligence and cloud services platform. And as of April this year, we were named OHTec's Tech Company of the Year which we are all very proud of. And our flagship BI solution is what we call Vizion 360 Impact Analytics.

What Types of Companies Can Vizion 360 Help?

Vizion 360 can help any business who has data. We have clients in a wide variety of industries: distribution, manufacturing, services, healthcare. We even have clients in the hospitality industry and online gaming industries.

Why People Choose Vizion 360

Every company has data these days, and if you are not using this data to help grow and better your business, you won't be able to effectively understand your business to the fullest. 

90% of the world's data has been captured in the last two years, so companies are getting more and more data, and they're starting to want to do more and more with it. That is where business intelligence comes into play.

Business Intelligence

People struggle with their data, and they don't know where to get started. They don't know what they don't know, and a lot of times they just need a partner to help get them started. 

There's a misnomer out there that business intelligence is only for big Fortune 500 companies, and that's just not true. Small and mid-sized businesses can absolutely harness the power of their data and start making more data-driven decisions, and Vizion 360 can help them do that.

No matter the size or industry of your company, you have valuable data that is just waiting to be utilized. Starting to categorize and analyze your data can seem daunting, but that is why Vizion 360 was created and why we are still here today. To get started harnessing the power of your data, contact us at Vizion 360 today.

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What is Business Intelligence?

By Vizion 360
September 11, 2019 Category: Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence is a collection of strategies and technologies that are put together for data analytics and the delivery of information.

Vizion 360 Helps You Harness the Power of Your Data

By Vizion 360
August 28, 2019 Category: Data Center

Vizion 360 helps your company connect with your data and grow your business.

Vizion360 Named 2019 Tech Company of the Year by OHTec

By Eric Litras
June 20, 2019 Category: Vizion News, Awards

Oh, What ANight!!! On April 11, Vizion360 was named Tech Company of the Year at the 2019 OHtec Awards. It was an exciting evening as a crowd of a couple hundred Northeast Ohioans gathered inside Signature Flights hangar at Burke Lakefront Airport and watched as awards were handed out. Surrounded by tremendous talent, amazing organizations and industry peers, Vizions team in attendance was humbled and honored to be called up on stage as the recipient of the 2019 Tech Company of the Year Award. Accepting the award for Vizion was our CEO Joe Vocaire, in which he gave heartfelt speech and thanks to the community, the entire Vizion team and most importantly, the clients weve had the distinct pleasure of partnering with over the last 17 years. The Best of Tech Awards is a staple and closing ceremony (so to speak) of OHTecs Tech Week - an annual weeklong initiative to support, celebrate and engage the local tech community through a series of events. This year, the annual event honoring the

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