V.P. of Manufacturing Tracks Employee Productivity with Online Dashboard

V.P. of Manufacturing Tracks Employee Productivity with Online Dashboard| Vizion360

Vision 360 creates dashboards and reports within applications. These custom applications use the tools of Microsoft PowerBI to really take advantage of data and get people insights into actionable data in three to five clicks.

The Power of Vision360 Dashboards

In the video, you can see a typical dashboard we would custom build for a V.P. of manufacturing so they can focus on productivity and efficiency. You've got your high-level KPI's, different charts and graphs to show you how things are trending throughout the week or throughout the month. 

Once you have entered your dashboard, you can easily identify if there is an issue with productivity. Before you even look at the numbers, the graphs will show you where you need to focus more of your attention. 

Then you can drill into those problem areas and see what needs to be addressed.

In just three to five clicks, I've identified two employees that have been spending way too much time on rework. As a V.P. of manufacturing, I can stop that right away by addressing the issue. That's the power of our manufacturing application, coupled with the use of PowerBI and the visualizations.

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