What is it Like Working at Vizion360?

An Interview with a Vizion360 Solution Architect

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Vizion360 is a business intelligence firm that offers a wide range of applications and services to help improve their client's businesses. They do so through the power of data, Power BI technology, and their industry-specific solutions

Vizion360 Customized Power BI Dashboard on TabletsEvery organization has data, and Vizion helps you harness the power of that data through interactive dashboards (click the image to enlarge) that deliver insights into your operations. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes to create these customized solutions, and our team is at the heart of it all. 

In this week's blog, we are talking with a Vizion360 team member that builds these solutions about his history and experience working with Vizion!

What is Your History with Vizion360?

Joe was part of the inaugural Connect! Internship Program here at Vizion back in 2013. He was then offered a position with us after he graduated in 2014. He's been with Vizion ever since and is a integral team member in his position of Solution Architect. 

Joe Teaches at 2019 Microsoft DIAD Session in Independence Ohio   Christmas Sweater Pic of some of the Vizion360 Team

From fun culture events, to teaching DIAD sessions at Microsoft (image from 2019 DIAD), and seeing the company transition from Vizion Solutions to Vizion360, Joe's seen it all. 

What is it Like Working with Vizion?

One thing that Joe mentions about working with Vizion is the Core Values. "Everyone is very aligned with our core values which makes Vizion a great place to work."

There is great camaraderie, friendship, and teamwork among the entire team, which makes going into work every day much more enjoyable. Vizion360 Core Values

These core values lead our team because Vizion360 believes that a value-led culture leads to a happy team, happy clients, and a well-rounded work experience.

What is Your Favorite Part About Working with Vizion?

Microsoft Partner Logo with Power BI Logo Other than working with his teammates, Joe says that his favorite part about working with Vizion360 is the opportunity to work with so many new technologies. The ability to always stay on the cutting edge of technologies in business intelligence and other data services is really rewarding.

Vizion360 encourages team members to get involved with the latest in Microsoft, Azure, Power BI, and data technologies so we can implement them into our workplaces and into our solutions for our clients.

Joe has created so much value for the clients and his teammates at Vizion360, we are proud to have him on our team!

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