What You Need to Know from Microsoft's Power BI's November Updates

Michael Strand here to talk to you about Microsoft Power BI's Features update from November, 2018. This turned out to be a huge month for new Power BI features! Some of the items that I have enjoyed, or I am excited to use are the new filter experience, the use display folders and composite models.


The New Power BI Filter Experience

Every developer whom works in Power BI is familiar with the filter options on the right side of the report, but until this Power BI desktop update it was never very intuitive for the end users. I now see myself using this filter experience more when building out new reports. The reasons I am excited about the new experience is:


  •  Formatting the filter pain to feel more a part of the report
  •  The ability to hide report, page and visual level filters from the end user
  •  Lock filters to be read only to end users

Microsoft says in a few months, they will remove the old filter pane and the new pane will be used to add new filters as well. To show and hide the new filter pane, you can use the eye icon next to filters title of the filter editing pane. This saves with the report, so you’ll be able to completely hide the filter pane from your report consumers if you want.


Using Display Folders

Finally!!! This is something that the entire Vizion team has been waiting for! The developers here at Vizion have been used to using multi-dimensional and tabular models which have had the ability to group measures and attributes into folders. Now we can finally do the same in Power BI models. No more long field list because you need last year measure, variance and variance % for year of your main metrics. Folders allows you to group them together and stay organized. Having display folders makes your model much cleaner and easier for users to navigate and find the fields they are looking for. My biggest fear now is not to get too carried away with putting measures and attributes into folders.


Composite Models

Now that composite models are GA (generally available) I will be trying to work these into the solutions we provide to our clients. I am very excited about the ability of being able to combine in memory data along with direct query information. One business case we have already thought of would be to have a normal model in-memory, but be able to build some sort of data collection piece in the Power BI report to allow for a user to take notes and then have those notes come through on the report via direct query.


To learn more about how Vizion360 can help you utilize Power BI for business success, contact us!

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