Why Data is More Important Now than Ever Before?

Having accurate and timely data is critically important, especially with an economic rebound on the way. Companies are seeing a lot of volatility in markets and with their customers and data. It's one thing to follow your intuition and gut, but to really have relevant and accurate data is essential.

Are You Reacting to Your Data or Your Gut?Vizion360 testimonial

We have customers that are over- or under-reacting based on how they feel. You may feel like sales are down, but you need the facts on whether or not your backlog has actually decreased.

Customized Business Intelligence Empowers You to be Proactive

The business intelligence tools that Vizion360 creates are so important in a time like this as COVID-19 sweeps the nation and states react accordingly. Monitoring finances and cash flow daily is key for executives. Being able to understand where your supply chain is at, how your vendors are being affected, and current inventory positions is vital. 

It's a very volatile time, and efficiently accessing accurate, updated information is critical to making data-driven decisions.

Missing Out on Your Data is Just as Costly as Bad Data

Bad data is expensive | Vizin360

Bad data costs US businesses $600 billion annually. How do you know that your data is accurate? Are you harnessing the power of all of the organizational data collected within your company? Are you collecting data at all? 

Pay attention to how you monitor your data and use it throughout your organization. It can be costly to base everything off of intuition as it's easy to ineffectively manage your resources without data on your side. When you drive your strategic approach using data, the ROI is not only realized, it's trackable. 

Adopt a Data-Driven Culture to Rise Above

Data driven decsion making | Vizion360

Our customized BI solutions deliver the data you need within minutes as opposed to the traditional data collection and analysis method that can take hours, days, or even weeks. With Vizion360 you can easily track:

  • Finances
  • Sales backlog
  • Inventory and supply chain (key with current vendor disruptions)
  • Manufacturing operations (such as Theory of Constraints, Productivity and Efficiency Scorecards)
  • Pricing and market-shifts
  • Customer and product data 

Vizion360 Impact Analytics Business Intelligence Platform

Example of Vizion360 Impact Analytics Executive Dashboard

You shouldn't need to go to multiple departments or wait for days to get a lengthy excel report to understand and review your data. It should be accessible quickly, updated in real-time, and easy to understand from a visual perspective. 

Business Intelligence Delivers Accurate and Timely Data

Business Intelligence using the Vizion360 Impact Portal and Microsoft Power BI allows you to start from a high-level and drill down into the detail needed when discrepencies are found. It's imperative for business leaders looking to make impactful decisions based on data.

If you want to learn more about how you can make accurate data-driven decisions for your business, contact us at Vizion360 today by filling out the form below.

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